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Relaxing days in romantic Udaipur

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Udaipur is many┬┤s favourite spot in Rajasthan. It is known as the romantic white lake city. We spent three nights there just relaxing. The weather was great as allways and we spent the days just walking around. We watched the main attractions, the beautiful hotel Lake Palace situated in the middle of one of the lakes and the huge palace situated opposite on the mainland. We also had time to get lost in small alleys, taking the rope way to a look out point (the long queue made us miss the sunset but it was nice anyhow…) We ate well, slept well and just enjoyed not being in the car for a change. One day we went to a great arts & craft festival held yearly, called Shilpgram. More about that below.

The James Bond movie Octopussy was shot in Udaipur, something which was notable here and there. Another thing that was very present, especially in Udaipur, was the restaurants attempts to let customers know that their food was hygienic ­čśë And they also had “snakes” on the menu. But maybe not snakes as we know them…

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Shilpgram is a┬áfestival organized by the government once a year where local vendors from the western part of India are gathering for more than a week to educate about their lifestyle and sell their┬á handicraft. The area is huge and after around 2-3 hours we had not even seen half of it. While me and Louise enjoyed ourself (mainly by buying scarfs for normal Indian prices and still regretting we didn┬┤t by even more…), so did our guide and driver. They decided to try an attraction which looked very outdated. As they where seated to enjoy the ride a technical problem was discovered and two boys started to climb the carousel to fix. This however didn┬┤t seem to bother our dear Indian friends.

Since Shilpgram is a very local event not that many foreigners find their way there. So naturally me and Louise also became an attraction. We were approached many times to have our photos taken or to chat, evidence below. A lovely day which ended with a yet another lovely lake view, sunset over lake Pichola.

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And then the road trip continued with great curries along the road sides for about 2 USD a meal. Next stop the little holy town Pushkar…

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