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Good morning Jodhpur!

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Despite having less than 24 hours in the blue city Jodhpur, I managed to take more interesting pictures of Indian street life than in any other place we visited. Louise and I managed to persuade our guide that we should leave later for our next destination since we wanted to take a morning walk. He agreed and after a quick breakfast me and Louise headed out on the streets to watch the beginning of a new day in Jodhpur. I feel love when I watch those pictures, they are true India for me. In the 1 1/2 hour that we walked around in the morning I had eyes big as saucers as I tried to take in all the beauty. I hope you will enjoy this Jodhpur morning walk through my eyes 🙂

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An eveningwalk in friendly Jodhpur

In most places me and Louise visited in Rajasthan we had to take care from people wanting something from us. After all, Rajasthan is one of the most touristic areas in India, and some locals take advantage of naive tourists to their benefit. Once we drove in to the center of Jodhpur what stroke me was the chaos. Jodhpur is a rather big city, and there are cars, people, rickshaws and cows everywhere. Not to forget all the beeping motorbikes, and even a camel here and there. Luckily our hotel was tucked away on a quiet oneway road.

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We decided to take an easy evening walk on the mainstreet close to the hotel while there was still some light. To see some streetlife and locate ourself. Both me and Louise prepared ourself mentaly, grabbed our cameras and started to walk. First focus was avoiding getting hit by vehicles or walking in cowshit. But even though chaotic we soon discovered a very genuin feeling. We saw no tourists at all and the regular Jodhpur life was ongoing in each corner. Along both sides of the street, vendors of all kinds held various businesses. Since the spaces they are occupying are so small, the most common way is a store where you simply sit down on a matress or similar. We where amazed. It was chaotic and noisy and still so charmig and beautiful. As we we saw the boys on the picture above I said to Louise ” I really want to take a picture of them. I will offer them some money afterwards” . I went up to them and with a smile they allowed me to take their picture. When I handed over some Rupies they refused and instead held up their cellphones and said they wanted a picture of us in retun. We where speechless. After this we decided to simply ask people to take their picture without offering money. But just a smile. And it worked! And it worked everywhere in Jodhpur. Not a single time people tried to ask us for something in return. So this small evening walk turned out to be one of my highlights in Rajasthan. Explaining this to our guide was very difficult. I guess Indian people themself cannot believe how simple street life can be more interesting than a temple sometimes 😀

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Also next post will be dedicated to Jodhpur streetlife. Jodhpur morning walk 🙂

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