Here are a few top lists I want to share. There is no particular order within the lists 🙂

Countries  (everything in those countries is incredible, a vacation here is as good as it gets)







Cities  (big cities that will never bore me and where I want to re-visit many times)







Towns  (mid-sized towns that are just lovely, picturesque and all with a very rich history)

Mostar, Bosina & Herzegovina

Antigua, Guatemala

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Hoi An, Vietnam

Krakow, Poland

Trinidad, Cuba

Villages  (seductive and beautiful getaways to rewind and relax in)

Montezuma, Costa Rica

Itacare, Brazil

Kas, Turkey

Lagos, Portugal

Yuangshou, China

Vinales, Cuba

Food  (where food is always a great pleasure)





Costa Rica


Lodging  (unique places which I will always remember)

Amore de Mar

Pousada Santa Clara

La Vita e Bella

Ryokan – any traditional Ryokan in Japan


Ates Pension

Nature  (where the nature blows you away)

New Zealand


South-West USA


Costa Rica

Croatian archipelago

Islands  (all unique in their own different ways)

Boipeba, Brazil

Perhentian, Malaysia

Caye Caulker, Belize

Naxos, Greece

Boracay, Philippines

Sal, Cape Verde

Beach countries  (where you find amazing beaches where ever you go)




Cape Verde



Travel experiences  (extra memorable moments in no particular order)

Coober Pedy – opal mining town in the Australian outback

Varanasi – most holy city in India with 24 hour burning gats, cows every where and rituals around Ganges

Cappadocia – region in central Turkey with bizarre landscapes formed by nature

Favela tour – Rio de Janeiro has hundreds of Favelas (slumareas) that is home to around 6000000 people, no trip to Rio is complete without a guided tour in a favela

Bungee Jump – I wouldn´t dare anymore but when I was 19 I did it in New Zealand

Samba carnival – I have not been to carneval in Rio but danced on one of the bigger once in Europe, in Coburg 😉

Yudanaka and its Snow Monkeys – Ryokan stay, hotspring with a view, cute village and lovely monkeys

Camping under stars in Australian outback – very pieceful experience

Kyoto temples framed in fall colours – Kyoto has 1600 Buddhist temples, Japanese fall is extraordinary

Great wall of China – is is a mighty feeling to stroll on this master piece

Angkor Wat – nearly 1000 temples in different shapes and sizes

Couchsurfing in Tokyo – would never have learnt nor seen as much as I did without my hosts

Bike around Yuangshou – a biketour around ricefields in limestonecliff area is just great!

Onsen hopping in Kinosaki – magic experience to spend an evening in different Japanese hot spring bath houses

Snorkeling – Red Sea, Great Barrier reef Australia and Belize – need no further explanation

Mekong Delta – glide through a huge network of channels, visit local small farmers in their fertile surroundings

Feira Hippie market Ipanema – is the most unique and cool handicraft market I have been too, love, love love!!

Wieliczka – underground salt mine city in southern Poland, amazing!

Sailing in Sydney harbour – is an unforgettable experience

View from Christ the Redeemer in Rio – Wow, your heart will melt!

Imperial palace Beijing – powerful!

Ephesus – held 250 000 inhabitants during Roman era, extremely well preserved ruins that makes you feel small

Uluru – (Ayers Rock), it is just magic!

Tikal – Mayaworld deep in the jungle of Guatemala, as good as it gets!

Great Ocean road Australia – marvelous road which takes your breath away

Waterfront skyline of Shanghai and Hong Kong – spectacular waterfront skylines best viewed at night

Roadtrip through amazing South Western US landscapes – Utah´s Canyon landscapes are one big “wow”!

Portuguese lessons in Lisbon – with a lovely private teacher in lovely surroundings 🙂

Salsa dancing in Cuba – just one big explosion of joy!

Eating in Dubai – Never ever have I been exposed to more delicious food options that Dubai, a foodies heaven!

  1. Great and interesting blog! Thanks for sharing your travels with us! I´m from the Philippines but have never been to Boracay! 😦 I hope to bring my kids kids there someday! 🙂

  2. Thank you 🙂 I love your pictures from Amsterdam!!!

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