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A beautiful winter day in Göteborg

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It was a long time ago since I made a blog post. It s not that I stopped traveling or completed my past travel history. I guess you could say I got a blog burn out which started with me not finding enough time to do both my weekly weekend blog post and have time for my Portuguese studies. But as I love the result of a documented trip I would like to give it a new try 🙂 And to start with I actually would like to document a wonderful winter day that I was blessed to witness earlier this year in my hometown Göteborg. Snowy winters in the southern part of Sweden is not a guarantee and when we do get snow it tend to melt away evenly fast as it appeared which usually results in nothing but a mess of slush. But one day this winter, Göteborg woke up to an extraordinary landscape that lasted for almost a week. There was no wind and the temperature stayed minus degrees which resulted in an untouched amazing landscape reminding of a real life painting. That week was mostly sunny and the energy I got from the combination of sun and the snow that week made me reconsider if maybe a winter holiday in a guaranteed snowy place, like the Alps or similar, would  do me good now and then.

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A daytour along the Bohuslän coast of Sweden

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My father lives on the southeast coast of Sweden and I on the west. When he visits me he always comes with the train. That is much cheaper than driving and very comfortable 🙂 When he visited me this weekend we rented a car over the day one day, to be able to discover a bit more of the fantastic Bohuslän coast.

We stopped in three places. Fiskebäckskil, Fjällbacka and Grebbestad. Fiskebäckskil was by far the most picturesque. With just around 400 residents it is a small place. It was wonderful to just walk around and watch all the colorful perfect houses, standing tight together like in most small villages in this area. Fjällbacka was a bit bigger. Around 800 people lives there. I am not a reader myself, but there is a famous crime author that has Fjällbacka as location for her crimes. Camilla Läckberg is her name. Fjällbacka has a mountain called Vetteberget stretching out behind the little community. From there you have a stunning view over the Fjällbacka archipelago. I would love to go and stay on one of those islands sometimes. It must be so peaceful.

Our last stop, and the shortest stop, was Grebbestad. A small town with around 1400 residents. I liked what I saw and wish we had more time to hang around but both me and my father were tired from all the impressions and wanted to head back to Gothenburg to relax on my balcony before bedtime. To summarize we had a fantastic day with perfect weather and lots of beautiful surroundings that for sure made me want to come back!

Below images are from Fiskebäckskil.

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IMG_9961 small

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IMG_9968 small

IMG_9970 small

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Below images are from Fjällbacka.

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Below images are from Grebbestad.

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Images from my birth town Kalmar

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I am just back from a relaxing Easter break in Kalmar, my beautiful birth town in South East of Sweden. Below are some images from walks around Stensö, Svinö, Djurängsskogen and Skällby (the latter a recreational area with greenery, animals and a café). One day it was even possible to do some sunbathing in my dad´s garden. Not particular the norm for this time of the year but for sure a pleasant surprise.

Kalmar is a very popular holiday destination for nature lovers. Many of them coming from Germany and the Netherlands. And for people seeking to cross the bridge over to the island Öland (where in fact the king & queen of Sweden has their summer palace). Kalmar has a rich history and probably the most famous landmark is the old castle on above picture.

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Before I caught my train back me and my father made a little detour and discovered some lovely cherry blossoms. And I also managed to capture some typical small colorful Kalmar houses, found downtown. There are so many interesting things to discover in Kalmar. I never used to see them when I lived there, but now I do 🙂

IMG_8215 small

IMG_8224 small

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Reunion with old school friends in Stockholm

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This weekend I went to Stockholm where an old friend of mine is living since many years. Another friend travelled up from Kalmar, our common birth town.

It was a short but very nice weekend. Most of the time were spent eating and talking old memories, but we also had time to pay a visit to the wonderful museum “Fotografiska” which is a photography museum. At the moment there was an exhibit from a photographer named Ruud van Empel, among others. I was absolutely delighted by his work.

After looking around we sat down in the cafe of the museum which had amazing views over an area called “Djurgården” and the amusement park “Gröna lund”.  Full of new energy we then walked all the way back to my friends nice apartment in Vasastaden, passing through the Old Town and some nice streets on the way.

Just wanted to share a few images from this little get together 🙂

IMG_7529 small

IMG_7541 small

IMG_7575 small

IMG_7589 small

IMG_7644 small

IMG_7646 small

IMG_7601 small

IMG_7603 small

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IMG_7623 small

IMG_7635 small

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Me and dad discovering the surroundings of Göteborg

As you can read in “about me” my roots are from south east of Sweden from a beautiful town called Kalmar. However since 6 1/2 year ago I live in the city of Göteborg on the westcoast. Göteborg is a great city in it self. But the most beautiful part is actually the archipelago west and south of the city. When my father visited me this weekend we decided to take a trip to one of the islands called Vrångö. Vrångö has hardly 400 inhabitants and is a car free island. From all the islands surrounding Göteborg this was the most beautiful I had seen. You can read more about all the islands here. Going north or south of Göteborg will expose you to even more west coast beauty. I try to explore some new areas every summer. It is sometimes easy to forget what is close by. I hope below pictures will inspire.

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