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My first encounter with Poland

After a presentation of Poland in my last couple of posts I will finally share a few images from my first visit to Poland which was the summer of 2005. This was when I learned to order blueberries in Polish, jagoda, and when first came in contact with the beloved Polish pierogis (which comes in many ways) and with the dish Bigos (cabbage stew), preferable served with a kielbasa next to it. And also new for me was beer with berry syryp in. This is also when I experienced my first two days long Polish wedding (a cousin of Robert) and met Roberts sweet grandmother.

I had just met Robert and we first visited his cousin Anja in Warsaw followed by a trip down to south Poland, to Krupski Mlyn. Anja was nice enough to lend her apartment to us a few days when leaving the town. The only obligation was to look after Lord. A very sweet but spoiled Bulldog.

From Krupski Mlyn we went on a daytrip to Krakow one day however I will not cover that here since that was presented earlier this year. Close to Krakow you find the extraordinary salt mine Wieliczka. At that point I did not have claustrophobia and I am very happy for that because that is a sight that will not leave you unmoved. Unfortunately it was hard getting good pictures from there. You simply have to go and see it for yourself.

A daytrip to Morskie Oko and Zakopane

2009 I was on a short holiday to Slovakia, in a place close to the Polish boarder. You can read more about that in my last post. One day we took a day trip to the very popular mountain town Zakopane in Poland. Zakopane is a tourist draw for as well winter as summer. Good for skiing and mountain walking or just to stroll around. I really liked the tree houses in Zakopane and the cosy atmosphere.
On the way to Zakopane we also visited the lake Morskie Oko. That is a clear lake in the mountains, best reached by horse carrier. The ride takes a while and after that the horses are fed in a way I never saw before. By hanging a bag of food around the neck.

To summarize, good day with nice views and pleasant walk through the cosy streets of Zakopane 🙂

In to the Slovakian Tatra mountains

2009 me and Robert did not only visit Krupski Mlyn but also went on a small road trip with his father and former fiancee to Slovakia. The small village where we stayed is called Cerveny Klastor and lies so close to Poland that you simply can just walk over the bridge to the other side of the river and you are in Poland.

On the way to Cerveny Klastor we stopped at a beautiful castle called Niedzica.

During daytime we drove around in mountainous regions and visited small villages in the forest. One day I was encouraged into taking the ropeway up to the mountain Skalnate Pleso. On the way up I realized I felt awkward in the ropeway and two days later I discovered I suffer from claustrophobia when I suddenly felt panic when we visited one of many beautiful caves that Slovakia has to offer. Not a nice discovery and unfortunately not yet cured.

A nice 4 day trip with lot´s of peace and quietness and fresh forest smell.

A stroll around Krupski Mlyn

Krupski Mlyn is the name of the little Polish town where my boyfriend grew up. 80 % of the town is forested and just a few thousand people are having Krupski Mlyn as their home. Robert knows most of them 🙂 Every time I visit it is like going back in time in this peaceful town. What I like is the simplicity of life. What I however find difficult is that noone speaks English. I keep myself busy by just being and play with all the kids and animals that are allways present. And I dare to argue that nowhere in the world will you find such good ham and breakfast sausage as here.

The old lady peeling potatoes is Roberts almost 95 years old grandmother. Until recently she was still cooking everyday. A real superwoman 😉 A manufacturing plant that manufactures explosives is and have been the main employer here since 1874 (by then this area belonged to Germany). Regulary there are testing ongoing which does not pass unnoticed for anyone.

Gdansk + my favourite in Tarnowskie Gory

This year I spent holiday doing a little tour including train, bus and boat travel but no air travel. I started of in Göteborg, my hometown. Together with my boyfriend I travelled first to Kalmar where I am borned and have my family. After some nice days there, including the wedding of an old good friend of mine, we took the bus to the southern city Karlskrona. From there a boat departs to Poland. The journey is approximately 12 hours. Those boats are famous for being a 24 hr party cruise and unfortunately it was hard to get any sleep even if I wanted 😦 After north Poland we visited south and then train to Berlin and Copenhagen and back to Göteborg. All those places are covered in previous posts…

A bit tired we arrived in Gdynia in the morning. Gdynia is one of the so called “3 cities” on the Baltic coast of Poland. You can read more about that in my previous post. We spent two nights in Gdansk whereof one afternoon I spent in Sopot (one of the 3 cities) and Robert went to visit a famous castle in Malbork.

Gdansk is a 1000 year old medieval Hansa city, what surprised me the most is that the houses looks very much like Amsterdam. I still haven´t been able to find out the connection but the similarities are striking. Some people seem to call Gdanks for “little Amsterdam”.

Gdanks is very touristic but pleasant. Since Robert is from Poland he knows his way around and instead of eating in comparable “expensive” places we ate cheap and very well prepared Polish food in the local so called “Milkbar”, read more about this phenomen here. In the Milkbar a traditional sturdy Polish meal with soup + main course will cost you only about 3 Euros.

Another things that the Baltic region in Poland is famous for is their spa treatment. I took one of the best massages in Gdansk that I have ever experienced. It cost 1/3 of Sweden. So if you like to visit a very beautiful, historical city where you can eat, drink and get spa treatments for an extremely affordable price – Gdanks is your best bet!

Most of Roberts family lives in the small sleepy village Krupski Młyn in southern Poland. Close to this village you find a city called Tarnowskie Gory where we have a little oasis that we allways visit that serves excellent filled Polish pancakes. Here are some images from that 🙂 More Poland will follow!

Beachlife in green, hip and relaxed Sopot

Back to Poland again! Still 2012 🙂 This year we took the boat from Sweden to Gdynia in July. Gdynia, Gdansk and the little beachtown Sopot are sometimes called “3 cities” because it is three cities very close by eachother. But three very different places. Gdynia is the more modern city where the boat hub is located whereas Gdansk is an old medieval city with rich history. Inbetween those two cities you find the town Sopot which is completely different. That is one of the most popular beach resorts along the baltic coast in Poland. It is a very touristic, yet a chilled place. The nightlife is supposed to be very good as well with a few clubs located along the beach stretch. The town center is more or less one pedestrian road with lot´s of eateries, small shops and bars.

The beach itself is a long soft sand beach. Some parts of it is really crowded but the further away you walk from the town center the more space you will find. A nice green stretch runs along the beach, nice for walking or biking. In fact whole Sopot is very green and it is nice to take a detour from the main pedestrian street and walk past nice residences in the shade of the trees. On the beach the beer tents are visible here and there and are a great place for refreshing your self, with a Polish quality beer, on a hot day. I stayed in Sopot a few years ago but this time the base was Gdansk and Sopot just a day trip.

Combining sad holocaust history with joyful Krakow

To start with I would like to mention that the next couple of posts from me will be Poland focused. My boyfriend is original from south of Poland and therefore I have been there a couple of times. In this specific post I will present joy and grief. I will start with joy which is the city of Krakow 🙂 This summer it was my second visit there and it just really is a great place! The thing with Krakow is that it is cozy, grand, bohemian, stylish, busy, quiet, modern and old, yes all at once! It is a place to fall in love with and it definitely need a place on my highlight list. Just have to think where to put it.  And moreover, it is still almost half price from Sweden which make it a good spot for splurging.

One of my favourite areas in Krakow is the Jewish area Kazimierz. There we spent rather some time walking around. The area has many cosy cafees and shops. It also has an old Jewish graveyard which is a bit ghost alike. Men must have something on their heads as they walk around.

The main square in Krakow is the largest medieval town square in Europe and it is magical to walk around there at night.  There is also a castle in the city called Wawel. Some nice rooftop bars around this area makes a nice place to have a drink and watch the sunset over the castle. And ofcourse there is much more to explore in Krakow…so long

This time I took the chance to go and visit Auschwitz. I decided for a three hour guided tour where we first walked around in Auschwitz maincamp but also went to nearby Birkenau. I am very glad I did this tour because I learnt a lot more about this terrible part of history than I knew before. The first thing I learnt is that Auschwitz was just one part of a whole area of concentration camps. Birkenau was 30 times bigger! Emotionally it is ofcourse very heavy to visit old gas chamers and other unpleasant parts, but for me it is important to take part of things like this too when you travel. I have chosen to share some of the pictures from this day. I encourage you all to visit once.

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