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30 hours in Oslo

I had been twice to Australia but never to my neigbour country Norway. When SAS informed me I had some frequent flyer points about to expire I got the idea to use them for a hotel night in Oslo. After all, it is just a few hours bus ride to Norways capital from Göteborg where I live. So off we went, me and my boyfriend Robert, on a chilly autumn day in October 2010. All I can say is that Oslo surprised me by its friendliness, by its modern grand opera house and by the arty, bohemian feel and great cafees. I am sure I didn´t manage to see it all in so little time but I felt I got a feeling of Oslo that appealed to me. I would love to discover more of my pretty neigbour country but that will have to wait. It is so close by that I can do it anytime 🙂


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