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Sunsets, dolphins and a bit of rain in Honduras

So, it is time again for some blogging. I am more than convinced now that I do need to get my self a small lap top for next trip. Internet cafes are more or less non existing nowadays (in this part of the world) and if they are to be found they are slow and full of viruses.

One more day to go in Honduras before it is time for the next destination which will be Nicaragua. After an absolutely amazing holiday in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Belize and Mexico (Tulum) last year, mine and Louise’s expectations on this trip were already set. Unfortunately I have to say that what we have seen in Honduras is not as good as we hoped. The ruins are not as spectacular, the animals not so visible, the smoothies not as good and the food not very exiting. And it is expensive! Don’t misunderstand me, it is beautiful everywhere over here! Just that we compare it too much with last years unbeatable experiences.

The first stop in Honduras was the cute cowboy town Copan, famous for the Copan ruins. The highlight was passing through the  green mountains on our way to a natural hot spring area and then enjoying the warm springs in a natural jungle setting, accompanied by a cute retired Japanese/American couple. On the way back we passed small villages and lot’s of drunk cowboys riding home from their Friday happy hour bar round. One day we visited a bird sanctuary wich was also a great experience. I liked having my arms full of Macaw birds but Louise´s did not since her bird destroyed her nice t-shirt.

What we wanted to experience on this trip was some real jungle. We had heard that the Cusuco national park could offer us that. To reach this park we had to spend two nights in the second largest city of Honduras, San Pedro Sula. The hostel was a bit creepy but the city actually was not that bad. We felt very safe surrounded by heavily armed guards in every corner.

We woke up the next day and got ready for jungle expedition. A young  Honduran guy called Juan, with a British look,  picked us up in his 4W car and off we went on our excursion. What could have been a muddy experience turned out to be a rather relaxed drive up the hilly cloud forest Cusuco. Juan was a really nice young man and we had a great time hiking though jungle and coffee plantation including having lunch at a local farmers house. He told us he had just started his own facility together with his girlfriend and invited us over for a beer in the evening to check his place out. Great day!

We cough another bus up north the following day to the city La Ceiba, famous for its surroundings Pico Bonito rain forest. We had booked a nice bungalow in the hotel Villa Pico Bonito. Finally time for relaxation. Except for a 4 hour hike up to a waterfall we laid lazy around the infinity pool overlooking the river Cangrejal and Pico Bonito. Of the 7 available bungalows we had reserved the most simple one. We noticed that a older lonely man was renting the most exclusive one alone, a huge place too nice to explain. Funny enough we came across this man on our hike. As with most encounters with North Americans we knew everything about him within 5 minutes and were on top of this invited to have dinner at his place. Beside being a cardiologist he was also a writer of hiking and cooking books.

The dinner at this Mr’s place was the end of our Pico Bonito stay and full of expectations we packed our backpacks to get ready for the 1 1/2 hour boat ride over to Roatan island. Since we had heard of this being a very bumpy experience we prepared our self with pills against motion sickness. The trip was one long claustrophobic ride. Safely locked up inside this small passengers boat puking bags were distributed to everyone. Despite the pill I felt ill and cold sweaty and stayed focus by thinking of the paradise ahead.

The “paradise” Roatan where we are now is getting more and more Americanized each day. We choose between Roatan and Utila which are the two most popular islands in the Bay Island group. It was a hard choice since the islands are so different but finally we choose the bigger “green islands with perfect beaches” in front of the small flat island Utila with “no beaches and 24/7 party”. Afterwards I must say splitting the time between the two would have been a better option but we wanted 6 days in one place so here we are.

We have now been on Roatan for 5 days. During my travels I have seen many paradises and are rather hard to please. I must say this island does not fit in to paradise however our lovely little hotel Landsend is a paradise on its own with a the great Austrian host Adi always ready to answer questions or tell more about the island that has been his home for 10 years now. The sunset from Landsend is spectacular as are the beautiful tame deers we share our breakfast with every morning. This is a great place to just unwind for a few days.  Also we have not seen the whole island since we found 175 USD for a day trip around Roatan way to expensive. Maybe paradise is around the corner 🙂

Our three first days in Roatan was nice and sunny. Two of those days we spent on the West Bay beach, considered the best on the islands. It is however a overcrowded commercial place and after feeling more stressed than relaxed after a day sunbathing there we decided to spend our last days on the sundeck of Landsend. Roatan has great snorkeling and it is supposed to be a nice snorkel spot just where we live. Unfortunately the rain has been poring down most of the time since we took this decision but as I am writing I see the sky clear up.

Yesterday I ticked of one of those “once in a life time must do” things. I went snorkeling with dolphins. Luckily the sun came out just in time for the photo session and even if a bit pricy I bought the pictures where I hug and kiss my dolphin. Louise was lucky enough to get to go with us to the dolphin island for free even though she chose not to take part of the dolphin snorkeling. I am however very happy I did it. Even though one decided to scare me when he came swimming up to me and just in front of me opened his whole jaw. I asked the instructor afterwards and he told me they like to scare tourists with this trick 😉

Well, sun is out and it is time to go. New adventures are waiting…

Preparation ongoing

The next trip that is waiting around the corner (Feb/Mar 2012) is an almost nine weeks long holiday to Florida, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. The first four weeks will be done together with my friend Louise. We went away this year in February to Costa Rica, Guatemala, Belize and Mexico and liked it so much more that we want to explore of this fantastic region.

Planning and arranging things for such a trip is really half the fun. Nowadays I pretty much like to pre-book and plan my trip in advance. Some might think that is boring and I would have thought too a few years ago. But this is just a way that suits me nowadays (especially when time is limited). It is very relaxed to not have to think about too much practicalities once on holiday. This way I also make sure not to miss out on any highlights since I do lot´s of research already from home. And it is just so much fun to enjoy everything twice, online and in real 😉

So where are we going? Right now in the planning stage it looks like this:

  • United States: Landing in Miami =>Key West – Fort Lauderdale – Orlando – Sarasota – Miami
  • Honduras: Landing in Guatemala City =>Copan – San Pedro Sula – La Ceiba – Roatan Island
  • Nicaragua: Flying to Managua =>Granada – (Jenny continues alone) Spanish studies by lake Apoyo – Ometepe Island
  • Costa Rica: San José – Tortuguero – Corcovado – Cahuita
  • Panama: Bocas del Toro islands – Boquete – San Blas islands – Panama City

This was my first post and first update, there is much more to come. And here is a picture of my friend Louise and me last year in Costa Rica. Louise is a great travel mate. We are both structured but adventurous and like a mix of beach, city life and beautiful & tranquil scenery. We like to go to bed early (unless there is a party ;-)), need food every three hours and around two in the afternoon we both get cravings for cold beer 😀 Now, that is what I call a good match!

Me and Louise

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