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Reunion with Bibbi in Helsinki

At the end of  my study period, sometime in 2005, I became very good friend with the few years younger Agne from Estonia. Bibbi, as her nick name is, was an exchange student in Halmstad, Sweden. I don´t have any sisters or brothers but from the moment I met Bibbi I got a feeling that this is probably as close as I will get to having a sister. We instantly connected and pretty soon discovered that we had something very special 🙂 The following semester we hung a lot and had a blast. After Bibbi left Sweden we have met twice. Once when I visited her in Estonia and two years ago when I again visited her, this time in Helsinki where she lives now. Even tough five years had passed I felt so comfortable with Bibbi. We have a similar personality and don´t really need that many words to understand eachother.

This visit to Helsinki was my first time in Finland but focus was not so much on discovering the city but to spend time in the amazing nature that Helsinki has to offer. We just wanted to relax and catch up in the gerogeous weather. One day Bibbi took me to Suomenlinna, a group of islands just outside Helsinki with a fortress on one one of them, with rich history. People from Helsinki often go there for recreation since it is a beautiful get away from the city. The other day we hung around the area where she lives. It was an absolutely stunning area with the most beautiful cliff beaches you can imagine on a close walking distance. Here are some images from this weekend. Scandinavia showing off its absolutely best, if you ask me.

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