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A bike tour around Copenhagen

I just returned home from summer vacation. This time I choose to skip flying. I have family on the southeast coast of Sweden in the city of Kalmar. After a stop there it was easy to travel down to Karlskrona where boats to Poland departs daily. Since my boyfriend has family in Poland I have been there many times. Mostly however in the southern part the country. This time we took a two days stop in the nice city Gdansk which is close to Gdynia where the ferry terminal is located. After that we went south for a few days family visit followed by two days in lovely Krakow. A nine hour train journey then took us to Berlin which was the second time for us both. We spent four days there and then my boyfriend went back to visit more family in Poland and I took the night train to Copenhagen. I had not been to Copenhagen for ages. Strangely enough I had better memories from Copenhagen than what this trip gave me. It is hard to put the finger on why I felt like this. I guess sometimes you just click with a city instantly, sometimes not. Nevertheless I spent a pleasant 1 1/2 day biking and walking around in the capital of Denmark. The weather was changing rapidly from rain to sun. Afterall I was very pleased since the weather forecast had promised constant rain.

My first stop on my first biketour day was Christiania. I had never been there before and was very curious to see this area of the town which is a kind of autonomous town in the town itself with extremely liberal ways of living. There is a part in Christiania called “the green light district” and I guess from that you can guess the spirit of this society. Personally I was mostly interested in watching the graffiti painted houses and some of the creatively designed hippie houses that can be found along a river. One has to be careful with taking pictures in Christiania as it is not popular with the locals. You can read more about Christiania here.

After Christiania the bike tour continued passed the famous and very touristic area Nyhavn and the famous statue “the little mermaid” seen on top of this post. I biked all the way to the multicultural area of Nørrebro. Since it was Monday not much activity was going on. Since I was not in Copenhagen during a weekend I could also not try the nightlife but I went for lunch in the area known as the Meatpacking District which is supposed to be the most hip going out area in Copenhagen at the moment. Bars, clubs and restaurants are housed in abandoned butcheries and processing plants and streets have names like Butcher Stalls and Pork Square 😉

On day two the city tour continued to the modern area Ofelia Beach, passed the theater with great view over the Operahouse as well. As the rain and the sun took turns constantly this day it was just to find shelter whereever you happened to be, an icecream bar for example.

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