Dance vacation in Cape Verde


In October 2016 Louise & I joined a dance trip to Santa Maria in Sal, Cape Verde. Since we had fallen in love with Santa Maria in February last year, we decided to join the festival “Sabor a Cabo Verde”, organized by a Portuguese travel agency. The focus of the week was Kizomba and the instructors were all Cabo Verdianos, even though they all live outside Cape Verde today. I have to admit I am not a festival fan. But this was something different. We had an absolutely amazing week!

The location was hotel “Belorizonte”, the same hotel that we had been staying in in February. The hotel has a relaxed ambiance, is situated right on the beach and has excellent shows every evening. We figured that nothing could go wrong if we went back there and on top added some dance and new acquaintances. We had asked beforehand to stay in the same bungalow area as last time and managed to get one just opposite our “old” 😉 The hotel has all inclusive concept. The food is not a gourmet experience but it is OK. Rather much veggies which I like! And fresh papaya every day!

Louise & I arrived a day before the rest of the group. And that first day was amazingly beautiful! Last time we had clouds and very chilly winds almost the full week. The first day of this trip was actually the first and last day we got with clear blue sky 😉


And so Vasco, in charge of Sabor a Cabo Verde, and a whole bunch of people arrived and the dancing could start. I would say half the group were Swedish & Danish and the rest half mixed Europeans. We had a very nice week with the group, attending workshops during the day and parties during the night. The schedule was not too packed so there was always a lot of relax time. I did attend a lot of workshops but not all, and also not all evening activities. I liked the freedom of having the possibility to dance and be social but also to chill and go my own way. Vasco is a real sweet heart too and was never far away if support was needed. 2016 the instructors were Ze Rui, Ze Barbosa, Isaac Barbosa, Tony Pirata & Avelino Chantre. The schedule for 2017 is found here>>


Belorizonte has a very talented animation team that entertains hotel guests every evening with shows & fun. My favorite nigh is the Africando show where the group performs different dances from allover Cape Verde. After the shows finish there is always some fun on the stage for the audience, with the possibility to try some of the dances, with focus on Kizomba. Or Coladeira, as the style traditionally danced in Cape Verde is called. The shows and the fun are always available in Belorizonte. But due to Sabor a Cabo Verde even more fun was arranged every evening. Sometimes the group stayed at the hotel for common dinner and dancing and some nights were organized at different locations in the little town of Santa Maria or elsewhere in the tiny little island.


After 9 days in Sal me and Louise joined Sabor a Cabo Verde extended stay, including the exploration of two other islands in Cape Verde. But that is for next post :-). Finally, those knowing me or that follows my blog knows that whenever me and Louise travels together we usually have “odd” weather. And this trip was of course no exception. The full week in Sal did not offer that much sun, however the climate was warmer than in February and very pleasant. At some point big waves started to role in and even caused a small flood for the following days. Few pictures below 😉



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