Havana streetlife

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In my first post about Havana I shared some images mainly from Old Havana & the area Vedado where me & Louise had our “Casa”. When we returned to Havana for our last days we discovered the area called Centro Havana a bit more. An area that is excellent for photographing street life. We really loved our late afternoon stroll there that ended down at the Malecón.

Malecón is a 8 km long road that runs along the sea. Depending on the time of the month the waves can splash really high and often spills over on the roads. Malecón is a popular place for young & old to hang out, either in groups or as a romantic couple. We also saw many persons sitting on the wall alone, looking out over the big Ocean and dreaming them self away.

Me & Louise spent our last nights in Havana salsa dancing at famous spots like “La Gruta”, “Jardines del 1830” and “Casa de la Musica”. And during the day we just strolled around and felt rather sad that such an amazing vacation had come to an end. Cuba does something to all visitors. For us it took longer than normal to emotionally process the impressions we gained. Cuba left us wanting more!

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  1. Love, love your post. Cuba, Havana is on my travel list. Thank you for sharing.

  2. One of the only images I have from Cuba is one of Malecón. All other images were lost when I dropped my camera inside Casa de la Musica and my SD-card fell out:)

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