Miserable in paradise…

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How is it possible to be miserable in a Cuban paradise called Cayo Coco? Well, sometimes back at home when planning a vacation, one option might seem like the optimal idea at that time. But when on vacation that same option might turn out to be a bad choice.

Normally when traveling around I always make sure to have the flexibility to cancel any pre-booked accommodation. But in this specific case that was not possible. So what what so bad about Cayo Coco? Nothing really, it was just wrong timing.

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In Sweden when making our Cuba rout me & Louise were rather tired and felt the need for rest, peace and quietness. We thought the perfect ending of our vacation would be to spend a few days in a nice resort by the turquoise sea with nothing else around us. That the location was said to be away from the regular Cuban life did not bother us at that time because we knew we would get a lot of Cuban life our 2 1/2 first weeks. But what happened was that we had 2 1/2 amazing weeks before landing in Cayo Coco. We had been resting out through dancing and interacting with many great acquaintances along the way. Coming from Trinidad where we had danced to salsa on the square every night and fallen in love with the great vibe of the place, ending up in this beautiful resort became rather a prison. There was absolutely nothing around our hotel area and watching the tourist friendly shows at night in the lobby made us even more miserable. We tried to play around with our cigars, watch small creatures and appreciate the surrounding but felt sad. Our only interaction was a sweet retired English couple. And the food was the tastiest we had had in Cuba but after the first evening I got an upset stomach and was ill the day after.

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We reviewed our options. We had a flight booked back to Havana from Cayo Coco which could not be canceled. So it was not so easy. Finally we decided to “escape” one day earlier than planned so after four days we where on a seven hours bus journey back to Havana. This gave us an extra day there before going back to Sweden and a chance to gain back that wonderful energy that we had accumulated during our first weeks.

Looking back I have no hard feelings. Just another learning about myself and about life 🙂

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About Jenny Trozell

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  1. Looks like a beautiful place, but I usually get really bored at resorts within an hour or two, and looking at how action-packed the rest of your holiday has been, I can imagine what an anti-climax it must have been:)

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