Joyfulness in Trinidad…

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It is a challenge to find blog time in my busy schedule. But to catch up where I left it is time to share some images from Trinidad in Cuba. A colonial colorful city that despite its very present tourist feel captivates and seduces anyone that passes by. Me and Louise spent a few wonderful days in Trinidad and have very warm feeling when looking back.

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Some of the best memories took place in the evenings at the open air “Casa de la Musica” live music venue on the stairs of Plaza Mayor. There we socialized and danced salsa and enjoyed the great atmosphere. Since we prioritized being “handbag free” at night to be able to dance freely I don´t have any evening pictures at all. Everything is kept purely as a memory. Below is a selfie of me & Louise before one of our salsa nights 😉

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Trinidad is mostly about strolling around the picturesque and colorful streets and taking in the atmosphere. The little girls on below pictures got ball pens from Louise. Something, along with many other items, that we were told people lack in Cuba.

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A great part about staying in a “Casa Particular” is to have dinner at the casa at night. For a nice price most casas offers a three course meal which is much tastier than what the restaurants offers. In the first image below our hosts are delivering our main dish. Usually the casas have a table or two at their roof top for this purpose. It is also a great way to socialize with the other guest in the casa.

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Not too far from Trinidad lays Ancon beach. A beautiful stretch with just a few hotels surrounding. We took a taxi there every day to relax and to watch the cute lizards with the curly tails 🙂 Upon return to Trinidad it was nice to have an ice-crem and a refreshing drink. Cubans like ice cream and they are pretty OK in taste.

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On the afternoon of 31 December 2014 we took a walk up the hill to get a better view over Trinidad. Funnily enough we past the nightclub Ayala were we had been ending our evening two nights before. It is a very unique venue since it is in a cave. But the even more odd thing is that to get there you walk up a long hill which is partially nothing else than a garbage dump. The club itself is really cool. The guard offered us a free daytime tour as we passed by. Despite my claustrophobia this cave was OK for me. Maybe because it was so spacious.

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After seeing the beautiful sunset on the way back from our walk, we went back to our casa and had dinner with a bunch of Belgians. Two of them stayed in our casa and another four in other casas. But since they traveled together our casa “Hostal Valmaseda” had offered to arrange the meal for all of them + us. Afterwards our hosts invited us to join their family New Years Eve party which meant dancing like crazy with all generations in their livingroom until the clock struck twelve. It was probably one of my most fun and memorable New Years Eve´s ever! In my last post there are some Youtube clips from the New Years Eve with the family and the Belgians.

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On our last day in Trinidad I finally saw to elderly men with cigars that I got to photograph. But it is all for the show. As you can see the man´s cigar is not even lit. In fact I saw very few Cubans smoking cigar. Apart from the tobacco farmers in Vinales.

The day ended with yet another colorful stroll and a sunset drink at the stairs of Casa de la Musica. The live bands started playing around 16:00 every day and went on until after midnight. If there is one place we need to re-visit it will be Trinidad. It is not a question about “if” but only about “when” 😀

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  1. I just can’t take my eyes off that giant lobster! Was it your new year meal? Trinidad looks like such a picturesque place! I also went to Casa de la Musica, but in Havana:)

    • Lobster was actually plenty in Cuba, however many times from the black markets…. OK in taste but a bit hard to digest 😉 The price was not bad at all.

  2. Amazing journey in Trinidad. I could not get casa booking when I was in Trinidad – it was a miss opportunity! Your trip sounds awesome – thanks so much for sharing Jenny.

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