A daytour along the Bohuslän coast of Sweden

IMG_9944 small

My father lives on the southeast coast of Sweden and I on the west. When he visits me he always comes with the train. That is much cheaper than driving and very comfortable 🙂 When he visited me this weekend we rented a car over the day one day, to be able to discover a bit more of the fantastic Bohuslän coast.

We stopped in three places. Fiskebäckskil, Fjällbacka and Grebbestad. Fiskebäckskil was by far the most picturesque. With just around 400 residents it is a small place. It was wonderful to just walk around and watch all the colorful perfect houses, standing tight together like in most small villages in this area. Fjällbacka was a bit bigger. Around 800 people lives there. I am not a reader myself, but there is a famous crime author that has Fjällbacka as location for her crimes. Camilla Läckberg is her name. Fjällbacka has a mountain called Vetteberget stretching out behind the little community. From there you have a stunning view over the Fjällbacka archipelago. I would love to go and stay on one of those islands sometimes. It must be so peaceful.

Our last stop, and the shortest stop, was Grebbestad. A small town with around 1400 residents. I liked what I saw and wish we had more time to hang around but both me and my father were tired from all the impressions and wanted to head back to Gothenburg to relax on my balcony before bedtime. To summarize we had a fantastic day with perfect weather and lots of beautiful surroundings that for sure made me want to come back!

Below images are from Fiskebäckskil.

IMG_9965 small

IMG_9961 small

IMG_9966 small

IMG_9968 small

IMG_9970 small

IMG_9973 small

IMG_9971 small

IMG_9974 small

IMG_9976 small

IMG_9977 small

IMG_9978 small

Below images are from Fjällbacka.

IMG_0006 small

IMG_0010 small

IMG_0013 small

IMG_0021 small

IMG_0033 small

Below images are from Grebbestad.

IMG_0036 smallIMG_0045 smallIMG_0051 smallIMG_0044 small


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  1. What cute little fairytale villages. I love the bright colors Sweden uses on the boats and houses.

  2. Looks like paradise!

  3. The Swedish west coast is so beautiful!

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