A last sushi & a night in a capsule

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Before my second trip to Japan came to an end I really wanted to experience a capsule hotel. So my last night after arriving back to Tokyo, after a wonderful week in Kyushu, I spent at Capsule In Kinshicho. The hotel was conveniently located close to a station with direct train to Narita International airport. Before I went there I had a great last sushi meal the station Kinshicho. In Japan there are many types of sushi restaurants. At the roller band kind there are always two peaces at each plate. At this particular place the plates had the same price tag. Most common is that they come on different colored plates and the color will indicate a certain price which makes it easy at the end to calculate your total price.

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The particular capsule hotel that I had chosen had several floors dedicated to men but just one for women. It is simply not so many women using those. On each floor everything was, as always in Japan, very organized. And at the bottom of the hotel you found the small reception. Since the hotel itself did not have any bathing facilities they had a deal with a sento next door. In Japan the bathing culture does not only occur in special onsen towns, which I have written about in my last two posts, it takes place in every corner. If the water is not of the better sort, it is called sento. Sentos will be found in every neighborhood and many people take their bath there instead of in their homes. Sentos are usual very small but the principles are the same. The one next door to Kinshicho was really good and I was so happy that I could enjoy this culture one last time. 😀

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So how did I sleep? Well, actually I was not claustrophobic as I had feared but the mattress inside was rather dodgy. Since I had read about a bed bugs experience from a fellow traveler I carefully checked my mattress. (If you have followed my blog for a while you know I have had bed bugs encounters twice and I never want to have it again!!!).

Since there are tv and radio in each capsule it is very noisy. I had bad luck that someone had the tv on the whole night which gave me a very bad sleep. But so I did not really mind to be exhausted for my long flight back to Sweden.

I have now finished documenting trip 2 to Japan. A country full of mysteries. I would love to go back again but as always, many other destinations are waiting to be explored. Tomorrow I am leaving to Italy 🙂 After I come back I will for sure have some focus on that for a few posts. Stay tuned…


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  1. Capsule hotels are so much nicer than the pictures make them out to be! I was at one in Osaka last week and they actually had a sign telling me to give up my seat to ladies applying makeup

  2. Wow, this is very interesting. I’ve never seen these although I think I had heard of it. It looks so strange like a beehive or something.

  3. Interesting Jenny. I’m too old to cope with this type of hotel I’m afraid. Why don’t they insist that televisions are watched using headphones?

  4. Fascinating. I presume there is no room service?

  5. Great trip. I also like sushi.

  6. I’ve always wanted to try sleeping in one of those capsules, but most of the capsule hotels in Tokyo are male only. Figured I might be able to sneak in, but didn’t dare:)

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