New discoveries in Fukuoka

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Fukuoka! I just love the name of this laid back city where I spent one evening and one full day exploring. It is a charming and easy to navigate city with amazingly friendly people. Since Fukuoka is very close to South Korea I was desperately looking for a Korean place to eat the first night. It was not that easy as I would have thought. But finally I ended up in a funky K-pop eatery where I enjoyed some spicy dishes. After that I walked along the river to explore the famous night food stalls Yatai before walking all the way back to my cosy but far away hidden hostel. Many hostels in Japan looks like on below picture. Tatami floor and just a thin mattress, called Futon, to roll out as it time to go to sleep. Even if I like hard beds this is quite something to get used to. But very cosy!

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I started the next day by visiting the Ohori park. The sky was blue and the temperature perfect for strolling around. Trying to get back into the main center of Fukuoka I quite quick got lost which I am very thankful for since it made me find a nice lookout point and cosy small back streets. And just by accident I also ran into what I long wanted to discover in Japan – a cat café (neko=cat). I am not even fond of cats (I am a dog person) but I wanted to experience this phenomenon. So happily I payed for one hour cat encounter (and cat lover encounter) before moving on to try out yet another for me new thing. The Perikura photo machines. Wow, that was tricky. I choose one machine and managed to get some pictures taken but to edit them afterwards with just instructions in Japanese made me a bit stressed. But boy I had fun 😉

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Before heading back to the hostel for another hard but good nights sleep I needed to try the dish that Fukuoka is most famous for – the Ramen soup. I found a food court in a shopping mall where one place clearly seemed to be specialized in very spicy Ramen soup. Since I am a chili addict this was my choice. In Japan you will come across many ways of purchasing you food, for example through a machine like the one on below pictures. Every day in Japan is a mind blowing experience. Just how I love it!

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  1. Purikura is so much fun! I guess you also found the “Big Eye”-button:):) I’ve never been to Fukuoka, but everybody tells me it’s amazing down there..

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