The final destination – Los Angeles

Around six o´clock in the evening  the 20st of July 2013 me and Louise reached Los Angeles after a very tough shopping day in the Camarillo Premium Outlets :-P. Just as we entered LA our GPS decided to just die and for the first time I got to use the ordinary map to guide us down to Santa Monica and the Hostel International where we would spend our two last days of an amazing one month South Western US rd trip. After the luggage was dropped of we returned the car and took the bus back from the airport to Santa Monica.

IMG_5649 small

We had just two days in LA. The first day we had decided to rent bikes and see some of the coast. It was a great day however a bit gray and chilly. We had hoped for a first and last Californian swim but that did not happen. Instead we got a few drops of rain on us (something very unusual for July in LA according to the locals…) We did a lot of fun people watching in Venice beach, had a great Italian wine lunch and biked around the marina area. Maybe the biggest surprise was the channel area in Venice with amazing villas to watch.

IMG_5366 small

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On our last day we had booked a city tour. Our flight was at night and the travel company had ensured us that the full tour would be a perfect option and that it would include a drop of at the airport. But something went wrong in the communication between the tour operator and the driver and we almost missed our flight….Good learning – never do a tour on your last day 😉 Anyhow, the tour was quick and dirty but gave a good overview of LA. A city that I would love to come back to, for a party evening in Hollywood and a visit to the less touristic parts. Everything comes to an end and so did this intense tour which has taken rather some time to document. Now I will try to focus Japan again which I never got to finalize. My next trip isn’t until May when I will visit Rome and the Amalfi coast in Italy. So I have some time to work on the past again 🙂

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About Jenny Trozell

Swedish girl with a passion for travelling, Latin dance and meeting new interesting and fun people :-)

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  1. Wow! Great photos. You really captured the essence of Southern California and it looks like you had some great weather too. Kongo has done hard time at the Camarillo outlets too waiting for Mrs. Kongo to buy anything and everything. He used to live in Camarillo years and years ago. It looks like a great trip.

    • 😉 Thanks, it was an amazing journey. Camarillo was huge – we would have needed a week there. Must have been a hard time for Mr Kongo at the Premium 😉

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    • Jenny Trozell

      Hi, I am glad you enjoy reading my blog. I just started to follow Oxford2Osaka. I love anything about Japan so it will be a pleasure to read more. However I am not interested to submit posts on other sites than mine. I am struggling to even have time to blog once a week and I never get to catch up with my past since I travel too much 😉 Good luck with your project!

      • travelwritersdirect

        Thanks for replying. Any posts you want to submit don’t have to be new ones, it can be one you have already written and posted on your blog

  3. I love LA, but it is one of the cities that really takes a lot of time to get to know. I’ve been there 4 times now, and I’m just starting to get it under my skin. I hope to go back later this year and stay for a longer period. Really nice pictures:)

    • Jenny Trozell

      Thank you 🙂 It is for sure an interesting place. Hope to be back one day…. but I know myself. Too many new places knocking on the door….

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