Three hip days in San Francisco

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San Francisco is just as cool as everyone tells you. If not cooler. It is a funky city with funky inhabitants. And lots of dogs! But there are two reasons why I would not like to live in this city. It is freezing cold winds most days of the year (I asked a local and she said September and October were a bit better but for the rest it is cold and most of the time a bit grayish sky). The second reasons is the hills. They are fun for a first timer but I am sure I would not find them as intriguing after a while…

Above picture is taken from the opposite side of San Francisco, in Sausalito. A cute community that we, coming from the north, passed by before crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. In Sausalito the sun was shining but as we hit the bridge we were caught in that gray San Francisco cloud. You can see it “hanging” over SF on above picture as well.

After checking in at Hostel International Fisherman´s Wharf we strolled along the shore. I must say that Fisherman’s Wharf is what impressed med least in San Francisco and please don´t bother trying the famous Clamchower. It was not appetizing at all (picture below). Pier 39, famous for seal watching, was somehow empty this day. Not the best start 😦

The first encounter with SF took a turn at night when we heard there was a local Friday food market just around the corner. “Off the Grid” as this recurrent event is called was a tasty surprise. And even though we were cold as ice we enjoyed enjoyed an even colder beer and some street food.

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Our first full San Francisco day was discovered mostly by foot. After managing the first obligatory photo shoot of the local tram (which is by the way just used by tourists, why I will come back to…), we started of with the “must see” Lombard street”. This quirky road is fun to watch. But imagine to live there 😉

The hills took us up and down and I soon discovered how fun it was to never know what was behind the next hill. A game of baseball or a friendly Italian man with his very old dog in the Italian quarters…

When it was time to eat the natural choice was the  Saturday “Ferry Plaza Farmer´s market”. There the healthy local population enjoyed their weekend lunch and did their ecological groceries.

After lunch we did some Levis shopping around Union Square. Then we had decided to end the day by taking the tram back (downhills) to Fisherman´s Wharf. So though most of the tourists which resulted in a one hour queue. Totally normal said the locals who always seemed to prefer the bus. Anyhow, we got our ride and it was fun 🙂

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Our second full day started pretty late in the day and the reason for that is that we had a bit too much fun the evening before. Since it was Saturday night we decided to go clubbing. Being in San Francisco checking out the rainbow district Castro seemed like the most fun way to spend the night. It started with a kind of drag show combined charity for illegal Latino gay men and ended in a fun dance bar where we finally got to dance to great house music with a big mix of happy people 🙂

The next day we started with a walk through the large China Town of San Francisco. Then further to see the “Painted Ladies” houses followed by a stroll through the hippie quarters in the “The Haight”. On the way home we had some Mexican food in Castro and so another day was gone….

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San Francisco is a fun place but we felt our 2 1/2 day was enough to see and feel this city. (If we had one more day we would have added Alcatraz). To be honest, we wanted to get rid of the cold so we were rather happy to leave.

In San Francisco the word “micro” can be found quite often, example micro beer brewery (common). One funny thing we experienced was the micro climates. It could be bearable at the Fisherman´s Wharf and even a little bit sun and actually fine for T-shirt. But a short bus ride “uphill” and a fleece and shelf jacket was necessary.

On our last day we drove past the Golden Gate Bridge lookout and managed to get some great shots. The first one below is natural colors. And the others a bit are more like the way I would have liked it to be 😉

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About Jenny Trozell

Swedish girl with a passion for travelling, Latin dance and meeting new interesting and fun people :-)

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  1. Tack för fina bilder och en intressant berättelse från San Francisco! Jag har aldrig varit i USA och aldrig varit så lockad heller, men det här ser ut som en cool stad faktisk! 🙂 Gillar höjdskillnaderna, närheten till vattnet och de lite glada färgerna här och där.

    • Det är en cool stad! Är lite förvånad att du inte är så sugen på USA med tanke på ert husbils intresse! 😉 Jag var inte heller så lockad innan men när jag läste på så insåg jag hur mycket vackert det fnns att upptäcka.

  2. Åh så ljuvligt! Drömmer om att få åka dit en dag!

  3. It’s definitely true about the microclimates! I never leave home without a jacket, no matter what the weatherman tells me.
    And September/October is usually beautiful. The fog departs for a few weeks, the temperature rises for a month-long Indian summer. But the nights can still be cold. That’s why we dress in layers.
    Looks like you had a great time, nevertheless!

  4. So funny! I felt exactly the same way about SF..too cold and hazy:) I stayed in Livermore for almost a month while doing an aerobatics course. It,s only an hour drive or so from SF, but the climate is so much nicer:)

  5. Looks like a great trip and you certainly saw a lot! My favorite SF bar is close to where you were stomping around at the corner of Bay and Hyde…the Buena Vista. Next time you ride down that hill, get off at the bottom and cross the street for their world famous Irish Coffee.

  6. You crammed in a lot and took some great photos! I saw many of the same things when I visited San Francisco. I don’t think I could live there either, but it is such a fun place to visit and explore.

  7. I love Pier 39 even though it’s very touristy, and I developed an addiction to those clam chowders in bread bowls:) When I was in SF, I also had my picture taken on that green spot in front of the row of pastel-colored houses, so funny:)

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