Adding some greenery in Yosemite

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Time again to pick up where I left on my South Western USA Rd Trip. But first I want to wish you all a Happy 2014! May this year bring lots of new exiting travel memories 🙂

The roadtrip me and my friend did last year in USA was for sure memorable. But very very intense. If there is something I have learnt lately about myself in regards to traveling, it is that I want to try to add fewer highlights on my future travels to have some more time to relax. Seeing a lot is always in contradiction to the relaxing part. And it is a hard choice. But I will try. Cause more time in one spot also gives more spontaneous meetings with people and other happenings. And those are usually the most memorable once.

Yosemite was the next stop after the visit to Bodie. Yosemite is a huge national park with forest, mountains and lakes. Maybe Yosemite would have given a complete different picture off-season or in a more remote place of the park. But if you go in July to the Yosemite Valley area, where most treks starts and most lodging within the park i situated, you will sometimes have to queue the paved trails. Nevertheless, there were of course beauty all around. I enjoyed seeing the Giant Sequoias in the The Mariposa Grove. I however think this is not the best place to see the real giants. But it gave a flavour 🙂 And I enjoyed the drive to Yosemite Valley after entering though the Tioga Pass, elevation almost 3000 meters.

Our entrance and starting point, the Tioga Pass

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IMG_2341 small

IMG_2346 small

IMG_2347 small

Giant Sequoias in the The Mariposa Grove

IMG_2371 small

IMG_2373 small

IMG_2379 small

IMG_2415 small

Trek around Yosemite Valley

IMG_2440 small

IMG_2436 small

IMG_2443 small

IMG_2490 small

IMG_2489 small

We hoped to see bears but had to be happy with bambi and bear bins 😉

IMG_2524 small

IMG_2423 small


About Jenny Trozell

Swedish girl with a passion for travelling, Latin dance and meeting new interesting and fun people :-)

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  1. I couldn’t agree more. The most memorable experiences are usually not related to scheduled sightseeing but to the people you meet and the time you get to spend exploring the city without any scheduled arrangements to stress you up:) Regarding Yosemite, I actually liked it a lot, but I agree with you: It was so touristy!

  2. Beautiful pics, Jenny.

  3. Beautiful trip and photographs. I’m looking forward to your Brazil trip.

  4. Trevligt med USA-nostalgi igen 🙂

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