Dubai after sunset

IMG_7638 small

The silhouette of Downtown Dubai as the sun sets.

My best memories from Dubai are for sure those that happened after sunset (sunset in Dubai in November happens at 17:30). Simply because I love twinkling skyscrapers, enchanting views, cool design and amazing food. Taxi cost hardly nothing in Dubai so from our basic and very affordable and comfy hotel Akas Inn in Al Barsha, we threw ourself in to taxis many times a day. Neon passing as we were constantly on our way down Sheikh Zayed road.

IMG_5948 small

Having our first, cheapest and one of the best meals in “Al Mallah” in the less fancy street called Al Dhiyafa or 2nd December street (two names for the same street).

Two nights we met up with a Danish girl living in Dubai that I got to know through WordPress. We have been following eachothers blogs for a while now and I am really glad we decided to meet in real. Sanne is such a lovely person – sincere, smart and versatile. Under alisa Mitzie Mee, Sanne´s lifestyle blog mainly focus on food but also other topics that occurs in her daily life. Our first “date” was a dinner at the lovely Aquara restaurant in the Dubai Marina. We enjoyed a great buffet, including free flowing cocktails and a magic view. Our evening ended at the tranquil bar “Arabian Courtyards” at hotel One&Only Royal Mirage.

IMG_6142 small

Dubai Marina by night is nothing but stunning.

IMG_6032 small

Fancy dinner at Aquara, part of Dubai Marina Yacht Club, with Sanne.

IMG_6054 small

The dessert buffet at Aquara honestly was one of the best I ever had.

IMG_6061 small

Chilling out at “Arabian Courtyards” at hotel One & Only Royal Mirage.

IMG_6155 small

Dubai metro by night.

Me and Louise literally ate ourself around the globe in Dubai. Everywhere we went the food was amazing. We had Lebanese, Pars (Iranian), Italian, American, Chinese, Japanese, South African and two international buffets. Most of the times we ate in very affordable but excellent restaurants in the malls or in the hotels. Each of the large hotels has several restaurants, bars and nightclubs. To have a drink with your meal the hotels are the only option. In other places there are only non alcoholic bevarages served.

IMG_6167 small

Iranian mezes just waiting to be eaten @ Pars, Mall of the Emirates.

IMG_6582 small

The best and the biggest sallads are found at “Cheesecake Factory”. I loved my Santa Fee special. Yummy!

We spent one full day downtown Dubai to discover Burj Khalifa, that I wrote about in my last post, and the Dubai mall. That night we ended the evening on the 64th floor in the fancy hotel bar “Neos” in hotel The Address downtown. We had a table right by the window and an enchanting view.

IMG_6454 small

Burj Khalifa shimmers in the dark.

IMG_6616 small

Having a cocktail with A VIEW at Neos in hotel “The Address downtown” was a highlight for sure.

I absolutely loved the area Madinat that consists of two large luxurious hotels and a bazaar. The whole area is built up with water channels and restaurant promenades. The enviroment is so beautiful and we spent a whole evening there. We felt like queens in the adorable hotel lobbies and the lights and the fabulous architecture of this place was just magic – from the sunset cocktail at Bahribar and the Italian dinner in Toscana to the Shisha at Barzar.

IMG_6759 small

Too beautiful to be truth – “Bahri bar” at hotel Mina A´Salam – Madinat.

IMG_6798 small

Madinat is an enchanting place by night.

IMG_6770 small

The lobbies in the fancy Dubai hotels was a delight just to be in.

IMG_6844 small

Thousand and One Nights feel in whole of Madinat.

IMG_6800 small

Italian at “Toscana” in Madinat.

IMG_6851 small

The lobby at “Al Qasr” in Madinat.

IMG_6904 small

Lit up palm trees.

IMG_6882 small

Shisha time in Barzar – Madinat.

IMG_6898 small

Life is good.

It was once more time to meet up with Sanne for the weekly Tuesday Ladies Night. After taking a peak at her and her husbands place in Dubai Marina we started our night at a club called XL and finished with dancing at a club called “Boudoir”, the latter situated in the “Jumeirah Beach Resort”. We had such a fun evening 😀

IMG_6919 small 2

Twinkling Dubai Marina seen from Sannes beautiful apartment.

IMG_7463 small

African on the menu at “Tribes”, in the Mall of the Emirates.

IMG_6954 small

Club XL at hotel Habtoor Grand Beach Resort.

IMG_6938 small

Sparkling wine free for ladies all night long on Tuesdays in Dubai 😉

IMG_6934 small

Me, Louise & Sanne having a blast.

And here are some more beautiful lounges and bars that we were lucky to discovered during our trip. I spent quite some time on the great link Platinum list to find out about Dubai nightlife. As a result I think we got to discover a whole lot of cool places 😀

IMG_7086 small

Another beauty – Nasimi beach by night with Dubai marina skyline in the distance.

IMG_7262 small

Romantic at “Shades” in hotel “The Address Dubai Marina”.

IMG_7267 small

Salsa night at “Blends” in hotel “The Address Dubai Marina”.

IMG_7473 small

Posing at “The Story Rooftop lounge”.

IMG_7501 small

The Holiday Inn, next door to where our hotel was located, hosted the Thursday club “Analog Room”, an excellent Berlin style deep house club with a relaxed dresscode and energetic vibe. Loved it!

IMG_7518 small

The DJ 🙂 One of three.

IMG_7670 small

The magic view from “Uptown” at Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

IMG_7685 small

The Burj Al Arab has never been as beautiful as from the “Uptown” at Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

IMG_7702 small

A last cocktail with a view with my excellent travel companion and friend Louise 🙂 Until next time!


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  1. What a good life You two have,, and such a nice pictures I see.
    I´m not envious, oh know!

  2. Wonderful pics! Very nice to meet you:)

  3. Great post to read. Would love to see more ladies nights blog posts. Maybe interested in guest blogging at our website Let me know! 🙂

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