Dubai – a heaven for a foodie

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Just freshly arrived from Dubai I will take a break from my USA roadtrip theme. While I sort out my recent holiday pictures I will give you a teaser of how wonderful Dubai can be if you, like me and my friend, prioritize eating on your vacation 🙂 Last Wednesday we decided to try the Saffron buffet, located in the hotel Atlantis The Palm. Saffron has different themed buffets most of the nights and on Wednesday´s there is a focus on Asian inspired dishes even though there was some more choices available too. It is truly a feast for the eye and with several live cooking stations serving dishes from all over the world, there is something for everyone.

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Below my pick. Plate number one was by far the best. In fact plate number four was not as wonderful as it looks like. Maybe I was just too full to fully enjoy the very sweet dessert. But they looked amazing 😛

IMG_7149 small

IMG_7233 small

IMG_7238 small

IMG_7242 small

Two happy but very very full holiday goers.

IMG_7246 small

IMG_7245 small

The lobby of Atlantis The Palm.

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  1. Saffron is huge! I took my sister there a couple of months ago, and she was overwhelmed by all that food 🙂

  2. Ser verkligen läckert ut! Vi funderade på att åka dit i vinter, men eftersom vi kan resa i flera veckor blev vi rädda att det skulle bli för dyrt. Därför blev det att vi bokafe Filippinerna istället…

    • Det är ju ungefär samma priser i Dubai som i Sverige skulle jag säga. Fast taxi kostar nästan ingenting.Tycker Filippinerna låter som en bra val. Jag var där runt 98/99. Då var det inte alls särskilt turistigt 😉 Minns att det var otroligt grönt och att stränderna var magiska. Njut!

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