Time travel in Bodie Ghost Town

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After a couple of days in Las Vegas it was time to enter California again. After a pretty long day of driving followed by a nights sleep in the only bad motel on our entire trip, located in picturesque Bishop, we continued on scenic highway 395 in the mountains towards the ghost town Bodie. I had read about this place and even if it was a big detour for us before our next stop, Yosemite, I really did not want to miss it. On the way we passed the beautiful Mono Lake and rugged wild west landscapes. Bodie lies on 2500 meter and the road leading there is not that good but pretty.

So what is Bodie?

Bodie is an old gold mining town that was discovered 1859. The town had around 10,000 inhabitants at its most but only around 150 in the 1920´s and eventually the town became neglected and empty – a ghost town. I was really intrigued by walking around in this amazing place, gazing into the windows where things were still as they were 100 years ago. Even though only about 5 % of the buildings that once stood are still there, it is a funny feeling to walk down the streets which once were inhabited. It is said that this place was very violent. Bodie had 65 saloons and street fights with almost daily killings was the norm. A pretty scary place to live according to the rumour. I just loved the ambiance of Bodie! Don´t miss this if you are planning a visit to this part of California.

Read more about Bodie here.

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Appendix – the surrounding area

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  1. Läckra bilder! Det ser liksom både fint och spöklikt ut på samma gång. Lite lustigt när saker finns kvar på det där sättet. Sätter fantasin i rörelse.

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