Hello Las Vegas!

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After a week of driving and trekking in Arizona and Utah I was really looking forward to Las Vegas. I thought I had done my research but nothing can prepare you for Vegas. And nothing can prepare you for the Nevada heat…

As we drove towards the city of sin we were wondering what would happen once we arrived to the Strip and our hotel “New York New York”. Valet parking was a new experience for us.

After entering the hotel we walked for a minute or two through the big hotel casino before reaching the reception. On advise from a fellow blogger we had decided to slip a 20 dollar bill with the credit card and it worked 😉 After inspecting our huge room with a roller coaster view we went out to do Vegas. And so we did for three days.

The heat and the distances between all the enormous hotels, where everything is happening, resulted in us doing about half of the intended plan. However, after three days we felt we had gotten a good impression of Vegas. But that it would be great to go back one day, now we know how everything works.

Anyhow, we saw New York, Venice and Paris. We enjoyed a marvelous international buffet at hotel Rio Rio. We tried “the big chill”, the pool party, the clubbing and enjoyed the evening neon. Someone said Las Vegas is a Disneyland for adults. I can only agree.

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About Jenny Trozell

Swedish girl with a passion for travelling, Latin dance and meeting new interesting and fun people :-)

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  1. As always, like what I see,
    Las Vegas is not like anything else!
    Nice pictures You show us, Is it something special to visit Las Vegas? Or is it something must?
    I like to follow You!

    • It is so great that you are following me here Ingemar 🙂 Well, I guess the strip and all the big hotels on it is the main attraction in Vegas. Everything goes on in those hotels. The “musts” I would say are: seeing a Las Vegas show, eating a Las Vegas mega buffet and having a Las Vegas pool experience.

  2. ….and ofcourse gambling if you are into that 😉 But I assure you, you can have fun without that too!

  3. Nice review and photos Jen. It worked on me, thinking of getting there in March!

  4. I also stayed at New York New York. It’s a nice hotel but I didn’t like the pool area. However, I LOVED the pizza restaurant and the steak restaurant in the resort:)
    Anyway, I was surprised to see your pictures from the gambling area, as taking photos of people gambling is generally not allowed. Did nobody mention that?

    • Nobody ever said anything about us taking pictures in the casino. But it makes sense, thank you for the alert! I took away one picture however I keep the the one from the pool 😉 I agree regarding NYNY. No good pool area at all. I had hoped that we could pay a day fee and enter any other hotel pool but that wasn´t really that easy. Luckily I had read about the Hard Rock Hotel pool, from where my pictures are taken 🙂

      • You can always go to the day clubs. usually they are free for girls unless there are special events, but you have to go through a promoter (find them on twitter, instagram and FB)…just in case you are visiting Vegas again:)
        I never been to the Hard Rock pool, but we went to Tao beach and felt 10 years too old for being there..

  5. Wow! Vegas is sizzling with everything fun from the amazing lights at night, to great times with friends over delicious foods and drinks. Been there only once on a Halloween event with classmates. We had a blast.

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