Bryce canyon- an extraterrestrial experience

Time for yet another highlight on our southwest US roadtrip – the Bryce canyon. I had seen lot´s of pictures from this odd canyon before actually seeing it in real. But nothing can prepare you for this breathtaking natural wonder. Unfortunately it is hard to bring about the feeling of this place in pictures. It has to be seen and experienced.

IMG_1192 small

We arrived late afternoon and after checking in to our motel in Bryce we headed towards the national park. We spent two hours wandering along the rim, just getting absorbed by the colors shifting over this bizarre landscape.

The next morning we woke up very early to do a morning trek while the air was still fresh. Seeing Bryce canyon from above is one thing. As you descend into it the view is completely different. We were surprised how spacious it was at the canyon bottom and that it was so green. Surrounded by the pinnacles I felt very small and very aware of how lucky I was to be able to discover something so special as this.

Below follows first the evening part and after the sunset picture, taken from our motel, there are some pictures with a diffrent perspective taken during the morning trek.

IMG_1188 small

IMG_1189 small

IMG_1205 small

IMG_1217 small

IMG_1284 small

IMG_1365 small

IMG_1373 small

IMG_1424 small

IMG_1430 small

IMG_1433 smll

IMG_1437 small

IMG_1467 small

IMG_1479 small

IMG_1499 small

IMG_1508 small

IMG_1510 small

Appendix – views from the car from Bryce to Las Vegas

IMG_1532 small

IMG_1535 small

IMG_1566 small

IMG_1572 small

IMG_1577 small


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  1. Awesome, I just found my stash of photos from my SouthWest trip

  2. Spectacular scenery Jenny.

  3. I am getting so close to planning that trip. Thanks for the post, great pictures and inspiration. M

  4. Your photos are amazing. I would love an opportunity to see the Bryce Canyon in-person. Thanks for the visual trip!

  5. Nice. Totally different feel from Grand Canyon, now I want to go.

  6. At first I thought it was a giant castle. It looks beautiful.

  7. Dear Jenny, Your photos are great. I was in Bryce earlier this year and like also visited Las Vegas! Keep travelling.

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