The diverse landscapes of southern Utah

Most people know about Grand Canyon and some have heard about places like Monument Valley. But not that many knows about the adjacent diverse beauty of Southern Utah. Utah has 5 national parks. Canyonlands, Arches, Capitol Reef, Bryce and Zion. They are completely unique and different experiences.

After lots of reading I was convinced it was worth doing a “detour” to discover some of the places Utah has to offer. So after sleeping in at our beautiful motel in Monument Valley, off we went.

IMG_0831 small

We had a long day of driving, starting with a visit to the small village Bluff, located by the San Juan river. After a stroll in the open air museum we watched a movie in the tourist center about the first settlers of Bluff. The main reason for this was actually to cool of in the airco. At 42 degrees you quickly get over heated. But in fact, we enjoyed the film very much 🙂

We continued north towards the town Moab where the Arches national park is found. We then passed deserted landscapes until we reached our motel in Torrey, close to Capitol Reef, at around 22:00. The landscapes that unfolded during this day drive were amazing. Not a single moment of those 7 hours of driving were dull. It was just one “wow” after the other.

IMG_0856 small

IMG_0878 small

IMG_0886 small

IMG_0896 small

IMG_0902 small

IMG_0908 small

IMG_0921 small

IMG_0927 small

IMG_0947 small

IMG_0954 small

IMG_0968 small

IMG_0974 small

IMG_0978 small

IMG_0992 small

IMG_1014 small

After breakfast in our motel we took a morning trek in the Capitol Reef area and then started our journey towards Bryce Canyon, via the scenin Highway 12. In the tiny village Boulder, along the way, we found a little cafe that served one of the most amazing meals on the whole journey. I had a Thai influenced burger and pie for desert. Life at this stage could not have been better. We enjoyed a long lunch in the shaded garden and had nice chats with other visitor that just like us felt extremely lucky to have made it to Utah and this little gem. We spoke about the amazing landscapes and the empty roads and agreed that this area was something very special. Magic in every way.

At around 15:00, after yet another few hours of “wow”” as we passed the Grand Staircase Escalante, same day we reached Bryce Canyon which for me was the most amazing natural experience on our whole trip. Therefore it deserves to be presented in its own post which will be the next one coming up 🙂

IMG_1047 small

IMG_1076 small

IMG_1080 small

IMG_1083 small

IMG_1091 small

IMG_1098 small

IMG_1122 small

IMG_1136 small

IMG_1164 small

IMG_1161 small


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  1. Beautiful photos. Next time, stay longer at those places, go on a hike and see even more amazing scenery.

  2. Utah is beautiful. Have been to Bryce Canyon and Zion and my breath was taken away.

  3. You are definitely re-enforcing our tentative plans to do Utah next year. You’re photos are inspirational!

  4. Beautiful scenery! And what a burger! Not exactly what you’d expect to find out in the middle of nowhere?

  5. Amazing geology, but I’m partial to that big sky with the cumulus clouds

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