A spiritual tour into Monument Valley

IMG_0412 small

We arrived to Monument Valley in the late afternoon and checked in to our beautiful motel “Goulding´s Lodge” which is one of only two options if you want to be in the middle of it. It was our priciest stay on the whole trip but it was great 🙂 About three hours before the sun set our “Monument Valley sunset tour” started. We had booked the trip with “Navajo Spirit Tours” and had no specific expectations. I had no idea there would be so many beautiful monuments and that the landscape around them would make me feel I was on the moon. The tour was absolutely fantastic. The Monument Valley lies on Navajo land and some families actually lives inside the park. Our local guide Harry was a very engaged and kind man that told lots of beautiful stories as we went further and further into the park. The tour was really relaxed and the deserted dirt roads were not busy at all at this time.

In the beginning of the tour it was very windy and my eyes were struggling to keep the sand outside. But as the time went by the storm passed and everything we could see was red peaceful surroundings. Many movies, commercials and music videos has been shot in this park. The last movie shot was “The Lone Ranger”.  Johnny Depp actually decided to spend one night in the little hut you can see on picture number six below. This tour left not only visible memories but also emotional. That the earth can be so stunning.

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Appendix; from the top => having fun on the road, getting closer to Monument Valley, view from our balcony and Louise walking towards the motel building

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IMG_0360 small

IMG_0373 small

IMG_0824 small


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Swedish girl with a passion for travelling, Latin dance and meeting new interesting and fun people :-)

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  1. Amazing shots…Very nice composition….

  2. Magiskt landskap! Nästan overkligt…

  3. Vilka kort!! 🙂

  4. What an impressive place! I really regret that we didn’t do excursions like that, but we didn’t have the time. It looks like a movie set!

    • We did 20 places in 30 days, a bit too hectic 😉 But yes, we saw lots and lots. Afterwards we felt we needed vacation and all the impressions sort of melted together. First now when I blog about it I can take the time to reflect. It is allways a balance between seeing things and having time to relax. I regret we didn´t have more time to discover the cities, like you did. Cities takes time. I hope 9 days will do for Dubai 😉

  5. I’m closer to planning a trip to this region after reading. Thanks. M

  6. Very cool images, Jenny. You can almost smell the red dust and rain in the air.

  7. wow!! it’s Beautiful Destination and wonderful images .

  8. Impressive landscapes Jenny!

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