Magic wonders in Navajo land

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Close to the town Page lies the Antelope slot canyon. Located on Navajo land (Navajo being the largest recognized Indian tribe in southwest US) it can only be visited accompanied by a local guide. In fact there are two parts of the canyon, the upper and lower. We choose the upper since it was easier accesible. Due to my claustrophobia this was doable since you walk into it from ground level. The prime time for the visit is mid day to be able to capture the magnificent colors that the light beams creates. The visit is short and a bit rushed. But I promise that as soon as you enter this wonderland, any claustrophobic thoughts will disappear immediately as you get absorbed in a truly magic place.

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IMG_0318 small

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The entrance to wonderland…not so flattering I would say

IMG_0121 small

Our very knowledgeable Navajo guide showing us how the Antelope slot canyon was formed…

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IMG_0272 small

IMG_0275 small

Game over…

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  2. Jenny, these are some great shots. I’ve always wanted to go there but have been reluctant to because of the guide thing and that I’ve read stories of being herded through in large groups with everyone given specific times that they can shoot. From what you describe, perhaps my impressions are overblown.

    • In fact, and unfortunately, you are pretty much right. There are special photographers tours that you can do that are less rushed, but still as a hord 😦 Our visit was very short, about 45 minutes no more no less. If you are in the area I would definitely go.

      • Well, thank you for that candid feedback. I do think it would be wonderful to see and shoot, I just don’t like being part of a herd and forced to take the same shots everyone else has to take. But I will probably do it the next time I’m in the area.

  3. This was the company we booked with, very friendly:

  4. Jenny: Great photos, and your visit so opportune, as this is a primary site we are hoping to visit in the coming year. How far is the slot canyon from the public road (parking lot) (Rt.89?) Is the transportation rough, or relatively comfortable? So interesting that you visited this. M

  5. Amazing pictures! Btw. I’ve lost your email address, but mine is: Could be nice to meet up, when you’re in Dubai:)

    • Thank you 😀 I will e-mail you our rough plan once ready and if you are at home during our visit it would be a real pleasure for us to meet up with a local!

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