And then it was time for Grand Canyon

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While reading about Grand Canyon I rather quickly understood that this place needed some preplanning. First of all one need to choose between the south or north edge (rim) of the canyon. The north rim is less touristic but more time consuming to reach. The south rim is very tourist friendly, easy to reach and I also read in different foras that the views from the south rim are the best. Since we only had one full day for Grand Canyon and since it suited our route much better, we opted for the south rim. We entered the park from south and exited from the east, on a road called “desert view drive”, which was a perfect plan for us since our lodge for the night was just a small drive from the east park exit. Here is a good site for planning your visit.

Once you have entered the south rim of the park you leave your car in Grand Canyon village and use the shuttle bus system. We used the morning to discover some look out points along one of the lines and the afternoon to discover some view points along another bus route. At the end of the day, just before sunset, we hopped in to our car and drove along the desert view road. We felt a bit fooled since all you see along this drive is actually forest. But there are signs for lookouts along the way and we picked one for our final good bye to Grand Canyon which showed it self to be the most beautiful look out of the day. Below pictures are from Mohave, Hopi and Powell lookouts.

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IMG_9763 small

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Heat and excitement requires energy. Which we could find in the Grand Canyon Village, the hub for the busses and the different parking areas. The pictures after lunch are from the Trail of the time, Yavapai and Mather lookouts.

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And now to the best part, seeing the sun set from Lipan point along desert view. Even though Grand Canyon was not my highlight of the trip (wait until you see my Utah pictures), it was sure a wonderful experience to be able to witness this massive canyon. The size of it is not possible to grasp from the viewpoints. When you look out it is like admiring a painting that is slightly changing depending on where you are standing. It is a true natural wonder.

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  1. Great photos, Jenny. Love the yoga pose at the edge of the canyon. Very Zen!

  2. Vilken utsikt! Waow säger jag bara!

  3. Great shots. Never been there but always close. I’ve flown over it by plane. Well not that close.

  4. It’s a great view. I would like to travel there.

  5. It is amazing at what you can capture, and feel about the immensity of the canyon in just a few hours. Your posts make me want me to go back again. M

  6. I was there in May, too. Look like the weather is quite good there. Have fun!! Do some hiking if you have time.

  7. So funny! I think we’ve photographed the same tree! We also went to the South Rim, would have wished that I could have stayed there for a whole day like you did:)

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