Introduced to “Red Rock Country”

After driving two days on the legendary Route 66 we turned south at Flagstaff and about an hour later we arrived in wonderland 🙂  We had entered “Red Rock Country” and our place for two nights was the amazing and affordable “Sky Ranch Lodge” in Sedona.  Going through my Sedona photo map I realized I had no good picture from this hotel, I simply must have been too occupied with all the surrounding beauty. Anyhow, if you go there, don´t miss this gem. It is up by the airport but there are just a few small planes coming and going each day and some helicopter activities that you don´t even hear. The view from there is amazing, Sedona downtown surrounded by the rock landscapes (below picture).

IMG_9683 small

IMG_9513 small

Since the elevation of Sedona is about 1400 m we were told the climate there woud be perfect. Not as hot as the rest of Arizona. But when an extreme heat wave strikes that does not help a lot and this resulted in difficulties to do too much trekking. We had to stick to one short and easy trek since the tempereture was 45 degrees and not healthy for strenuous activities. We were advised to head to Boyton Canyon. Amazing place! And since the surrounding completely enchanted us we had to keep track of the watch. We decided that after two hours we had to go back to the airco in the car. It felt like my head was boiling and my 2 liters of water was already emptied.

IMG_9520 small

IMG_9536 small

IMG_9548 small

IMG_9554 small

IMG_9606 small

IMG_9612 small

IMG_9633 small

IMG_9634 small

IMG_9637 small

IMG_9640 small

After this it was nice to head down to the cute Sedona downtown, have some lunch and try on cowboy hats in a well cooled store. The rest of the afternoon was spent by the pool at the hotel. I wish we would have had more time here and that the temperatures would have been milder. Red Rock Country has around 100 treks, it is a spiritual place where nature and architecture melts together and where it is said you can fill yourself with energy from the so called healing “vortex sites”. Sedona is no doubt one of my highlights on this entire trip and I will return one day.

IMG_9656 small


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  1. What a beautiful place! It looks just like an old cowboy movie!

  2. We’ve had the pleasure of driving, hiking and flying around Sedona on several trips. It is an awesome area. Of note also seeing the most impressive night sky, a bit away from the lights. WHOOO!

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