Happy as a child at San Diego Zoo!

Australia? No, San Diego Zoo! In Koalafornia!

San Diego Zoo is proud to host the largest colony of Koala bears outside Autralian territory. I hadn´t been to a zoo in many many years but after reading that San Diego Zoo has a reputation for its very well designed zoo, that hosts more than 650 species, I was convinced I needed to pay it a vistit. Viewing animals is just so soothing. Here are some of the beauties I met during our day at the zoo.

IMG_8773 small

IMG_8179 small

A not so happy but beautiful Leopard…

IMG_8205 small

The Meerkat, as funny in real as on “Meerkat manor” (Animal Planet television)

IMG_8246 small

IMG_8240 small

The big pride of San Diego Zoo – the Giant Panda!

IMG_8484 small

IMG_8478 small

This guy – Southern Gerenuk from Eastern Africa – completely charmed me…

IMG_8346 small

A super sweet Capybara family…

IMG_8300 small

A mighty bear resting out by the water falls…

IMG_8703 small

Lovely Zebras…

IMG_8378 small

Spider monkey doing some thinking…

IMG_8547 small

Troubled Gorialla…

IMG_8657 small

Small ducks lost in the throng…

IMG_8533 small

And last but not least, my favourite guy and a species I dream of meeting IRL – the Orangutan. Check out this charming  guy! Adorable!

IMG_8580 small

IMG_8583 small

IMG_8632 small

IMG_8629 small

IMG_8588 small

IMG_8602 small


About Jenny Trozell

Swedish girl with a passion for travelling, Latin dance and meeting new interesting and fun people :-)

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  1. how nice this image!

  2. Super sharp, nice images, especially at higher resolution.

  3. I love the zoo too!

  4. I’ve heard so much about that zoo. It’s supposed to be very animal friendly, resembling the animals’ natural habitats:) We’ve planned to visit San Diego one of the days, but I’m not sure that one day will be enough…

    • Yeah, to be a zoo, I think they have done a very good job! I enjoyed it! Actually that was probably what I liked most about SD.

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