Posing around southwestern USA

This summer I went on a Road Trip with my friend Louise, to the southwestern part of the United States. Organized as we are the route was carefully chosen and motels/hotels and hostels along the way were all pre booked due to hight season.

Since a road trip like this is a once in a life time experience we wanted to utilize the opportunity to see lots. This resulted in 5500 km´s in 31 days and 20 different lodgings along the way. We saw amazing and diverse nature in northern Arizona and southern Utah, felt the crazy pulse of Las Vegas in Nevada and discovered coastal beauty and great cities along on the Hwy 1 in California. We had extreme heat inlands and cold winds on the coast. But furthermore things worked smooth apart from a small incident on our car door, caused by strong Hwy1 winds!

To summarize I can tell that this was a very pretty holiday but extremely intense. My plan is to give you the highlights in different postings during the coming months but as a kick of I give you a lot of me, posing from different locations we visited. Stay tuned 😉

IMG_9060 small

La Jolla – San Diego – some fresh ocean air before heading inlands…

IMG_8317 small

Big Tiger – San Diego Zoo

IMG_9399 small

Kitch & Burgers – Rt 66

IMG_9246 small

Cute Oatman donekey – along Rt 66

IMG_9582 small

Lovely Sedona, Arizona – temperature on this picture => 45 degrees C

IMG_9990 small

Grand Canyon – Arizona

IMG_0203 small

Surreal formations – Antelope Slot Canyon – Arizona

IMG_0545 small

One of my highlights – Monument Valley – boarder Arizona/Utah

IMG_1058 small

Capitol Reef national park – Utah

IMG_1140 small

Souther Utah desert

IMG_1199 small

Bryce Canyon – Utah! Our early morning trek next day, in the canyon, was for sure a highlight!

IMG_2099 small

Las Vegas!

IMG_2438 small

Wearing my new t-shirt with cooling technology – Yosemite national park – California

IMG_2688 small

Napa Valley “bike and sip” 😉

IMG_2847 small

Fresh Californian oysters – yummy!!!

IMG_3690 small

San Francisco!

IMG_3790 small

Pigeon Point lighthouse, Hwy 1 – California

IMG_4405 small

Beautiful beach along Hwy 1

IMG_4689 small

Finally time to just sit down – Morro Bay – Highlight on Hwy 1

IMG_4898 small

Having fun in Ostrichland – Solvang

IMG_5265 small

More wine country – anyone seen “Sideways”?!

IMG_5754 small

Catching up with Johnny Depp in Hollywood!


About Jenny Trozell

Swedish girl with a passion for travelling, Latin dance and meeting new interesting and fun people :-)

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  1. It looks like you’re seeing just about everything!

  2. Åhh vilka fina bilder! Vilken härlig resa ni gjort!

  3. Amazing! beautiful pictures. wonderful Grand Canyon 🙂
    Thank you Jenny for the updates 🙂

  4. Ja, vilken härlig resa ni ser ut att ha gjort! 🙂 Ser fram emot dina kommande inlägg om den! Monument Valley står definitivt på min rese-att-göra-lista.Vilket landskap!

  5. Fantastisk natur och häftiga landskap! Jag har aldrig varit så frestad av USA, men just naturen är speciell! Om jag skulle resa där skulle det gärna få vara en roadtrip 🙂

  6. Looks like you had an awesome trip! Can’t wait to go there myself in 6 days:)

  7. Love your images, and you really did get around. I’ve had antelope Canyon on my list to goto fro a few years now, still waiting. Nice pictures, and thanks for the comments on my road trip. Keep up the great spirit!

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