Some splurging in spiritual Mandrem

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Maybe I am about to reveal a little secret now. Yab Yum on the beautiful northern Goa beach Mandrem is supposed to host quite a lot of Indian and foreign celebrities of the more spiritual kind. We learned this first when trying to find the place. No signs what so ever and no sight of a hotel where it was supposed to be. Finally we managed and learnt from the owner that this is how it should be to keep unwanted people away. People who knows about us finds us anyway was his statement.

Our little bungalow was sweet with lounge area outside and breakfast served on our own veranda every morning. But why were there fences in the way to let us gaze over the ocean? Aha…to keep all the wanted people safe and hidden…Yes, we paid a bit more than we usually do for those 4 last nights but so we usually add a little splurging at the end so not very outrageous at all. This was a paradise for chic bohemians and in fact the conversations people had over the mobile were quite often something like “OK, send me the script and I´ll read it through”. There we were, completely protected and taken care of, surrounded by funny cottages and disco balls dangling among palms. The coctails were great and close by our place we had the famous french restaurant La Plage. A true little gem where we went loose one nights and had a three course meal and a bottle of wine while thinking on how  privileged we are. Although the size of my chocolate dessert gave me a sleepless night the evening was for sure very memorable. And the price no more than a beer and a pizza would cost me here in Sweden.

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One late afternoon we left our little Yab Yum gem and its quiet surroundings to head a bit more north, to Arambol, to discover yet another ambiance. Arambol has a mix of spiritual backpackers looking to yoga and explore themself in different kind of ways, as well as Indian tourists looking to discover them 😉 The beach was not particular beautiful but very interesting for people and cow watching and for ordering the most ugly and bad tasting coctail on our entire trip.

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This was it from India for the moment. I made a trip to India a few years ago which I still haven´t blogged about. I think I have to stop travelling for a while to actually catch up with the past 😉 But that travel break will have to wait a little because mine and Louise´s plane to Los Angeles departs tomorrow. A 30 day long Rd Trip are waiting. As I don´t like computers on my vacation I take a blog break and wish all of you out there a great summer or what ever season you have right now.

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  1. What a cool place! Glad that you found the hotel so I could get a glimpse of what it was like:)
    Enjoy your trip to the States, and say hi to Vegas from me:)

  2. I really like the photographs, especially the ones of other photographers. My favorite was the cattle on the beach!

  3. I so want to go there! Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Enjoy your road trip in the US and, meanwhile, Glad Midsommar!

  4. Trevlig resa tjejer! Glad midsommar!

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