Come along and party in Palolem

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Palolem! We are very glad we did not stay at this exploited beach but we are more than happy we paid a visit this very special Saturday night! Saturday nights in Palolem means headphone party night! The famous Silent Noise of Palolem. I cannot describe with words how great this was. It was way above my expectations! Below you will find a serie of photos from this fantastic experience! Don’t forget to watch the video at the bottom to get “the feeling” 😉

We arrived to Palolem late afternoon, just an hour before sun set. Had a stroll and did some people watching followed by candle light dinner at the beach. A whole grilled fish and lots of four legged furry friends hanging out with us got us just in to the right mood. After this great meal and some local Honey Bee brandy to warm us up for the night, we started to walk along the beach towards THE place.

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We had no expectations on how this would work but we pretty soon found out. The club was held outside. We were basically the first guests 🙂 After paying the entrance we were  provided headphones and instructed how to use them. This night three different international DJ´s were playing. Depending on preference one could switch “channel” on the headphone to get ones favourite sound right into your ears at your own volume. House fantastics as we are, we loved all the DJ´s. The funny part was that you could watch which DJ your fellow partygoers were listening to by looking at the colors.

After getting used to the headphones, and filming & photographing ourselves for this peculiar night, we hit the stage. More and more people arrived until the place was filled. The atmosphere was wonderful. Everyone smiling and dancing on their spot. When removing the headset all you could hear was just some distant low volume music from the bar and the sound of a big bunch of happy people. This concept clearly makes people loving and open minded 😀

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There was also a big VJ screen in place and Dancing Queen as I am I had to take the challenge to dance behind it. First I was accompanied by another guy but soon I had the screen for my self and my inner diva could come out 😉 This evening was one of my best party evenings ever. Unfortunately only held Saturdays during high season. To read more about why this concept, check out the Silent Noise webpage.

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Kind of funny noises appears when a bunch of people are dancing in the silence 😉

About Jenny Trozell

Swedish girl with a passion for travelling, Latin dance and meeting new interesting and fun people :-)

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  1. What a seriously wonderful idea! The photos give a great idea of how it works – love the different colours for the different DJs.

  2. This so reminds me of being in Brazil…….Buzios..Oh, the days! Great Post!

  3. What a genius idea !

  4. What a lovely picture You show us. Very often we se wonderful pictures from the country You visit. This time we can enjoy how You and Your friend likes the living there You are. Thank´s Jenny!

  5. What an excellent concept! I love those pics of you behind the screen. They’re really awesome:)

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