Agonda Agonda Agonda!!!

After two cold but awesome weeks in Rajasthan we had landed in paradise – Agonda beach, Goa! Look no further!

IMG_6223 small

I did a lot of research on Goa before our trip since I had understood that each beach has its own ambiance. The ambiance we were looking for was a quiet, beautiful and clean beach, inviting for long peaceful beach walks, great dining by the beach at night and a relaxing atmosphere. We found all we searched for in Agonda.

We spoke to a guy that had been to almost every single beach in Goa who said this was the best! Before the popular beach Palolem, close by, used to be like this to. But that had changed. I wonder how long Agonda will stay as it is. It is true gem.

Louise & me had four beautiful days here, before we moved on to North Goa. One afternoon and night we went to Palolem for some action. (I will blog about that separate ;-)) However, most of our time was spent simply like this….

IMG_6228 small

IMG_6217 small

IMG_6302 small

IMG_6528 small

IMG_6523 small

IMG_6308 small

IMG_6279 small

IMG_6292 small

IMG_6099 small

IMG_6001 small

IMG_6077 small

IMG_6605 small

And another day with same rythm….I want to go back!

IMG_6483 small

IMG_6506 small

IMG_6463 small

IMG_6496 small

IMG_6515 small

IMG_6535 small

IMG_6551 small

IMG_6615 small

IMG_6385 small

IMG_6406 small

IMG_6419 small

Appendix 😉 Thank´s Louise for not giving up on getting that perfect “jump” shot.

IMG_6545 small

IMG_6552 small

IMG_6541 small

IMG_6559 small

IMG_6549 small


About Jenny Trozell

Swedish girl with a passion for travelling, Latin dance and meeting new interesting and fun people :-)

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  1. I love Goa too!! Great post, and I really need to take blogging tips from you haha!

  2. Very beautiful pictures 🙂

  3. beautiful place… I can see that you’re having a great time over there.. cheers to that! 🙂

  4. I always hear about Goa, but never been myself (yet… ) now I know which beach to choose!

  5. sounds good…
    any suggestions for economical places to stay there?

  6. The beach looks beautiful, and the cow looks like a hybrid camel:)

  7. Hi, which beach hut did you stay at, if I may ask? Looks pretty and love the photos

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