A too quick visit to the pink city Jaipur

IMG_5503 small

On above and below picture you see the Nahargarh fort – one of the many star attractions in the “pink city” Jaipur. We arrived here in the afternoon and only stayed one night so we had to rush through this magnificent fort, then quickly have time to take picture of some other attraction before the sun was about to set. The Nahargarh fort was one of the most interesting forts on our trip with lots of secret passages and interesting alleys.

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After the quick but nice visit to the fort we stopped by the lake Sagar to get a glimpse of the Jal Mahal water palace.

No visit to Jaipur is complete without seeing the Hawa Mahal whose name means “Palace of Winds”. Here the woman of the palace harem could look out at the action on the street through the almost 100 small windows, without being seen.

After this the sun started to descend but before it got complete dark we had time for a short stroll along the Jaipur streets, watching people and monkeys and trying to avoid getting hit by vehicles of all kinds.

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The next morning it was time to leave Rajasthan and head to Agra in Uttar Pradesh for a day. This is where you find the famous Taj Mahal.

We had decided to see the Taj Mahal the same day but as allways the ride was longer and more time consuming than planned. Therefore we where not happy at all when we had to visit yet another palace along the way to Agra. Below pictures are taken in this place which I don´t even remember the name of  since I was just able to think about whether we where going to reach Taj Mahal before sun set or not. Looking at the pictures I actually find them quite interetsting now afterwards. It was a more pink place than Jaipur. And there where lots of the cute little squirrels all over. Animals allways cheers me up 😉

IMG_5772 small

IMG_5782 small

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  1. Beautiful! Denmark really needs to increase their amount of pink buildings:)

  2. what a great trip, I hope to visit, even if only “one day” in each location…

  3. the place u frgt de name of is fatepur sikri…i find it more interesting than taj mahal…its a ghost city..built by akbar the great with a fine blend of mughal and hindu architecture dedicated to his hindu wife who was named mariam uz zamani………….

  4. Thank you for this information 🙂

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