New Years Eve in Holy Pushkar

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The next stop after wonderful Udaipur was the small holy town Pushkar. Pushkar has a tiny lake in the middle of the town where so called bathing ghats leads in to the water. Locals are not very happy about tourists on the ghats and their hostile approach made us decide to stay away. I have been to Varanasi a few years ago which was a wonderful and very welcoming experience so I could live without seeing the cleaning rituals close up this time. What Pushkar is most famous for though is actually the annual Pushkar camel fair that is visited by thousands of humans and camels every year.

Pushkar to me was sandy, cold and full of con artists. Still it was something about this place that made me like it on the second day. Maybe the fact that there was nothing special to see more than cute pigs, more monkeys, camels and dogs. And lots of touristic shopping which can be nice sometimes. I never understood what this town had about pizzas. But it was famous for tasty wood fire pizzas. The days were pretty warm but the nights were freezing and after two ice cold nights a caught a terrible cold that lasted for the rest of my holiday 😦

New Years Eve 2012 was celebrated in a alcohol free restaurant (common in holy Indian cities). Lots of men where going wild to Bollywood disco as some more where watching the “wild once” throwing of their shirts and entertaining the rest. A few confused tourists, including us, were wondering if we had ended up in a male gay disco since no women where to be seen. But physical affection between male friends in India is common.

When me and Louise started dancing we too were drawn in to this chaotic experince. It was a peculiar night, yet fun. But we were very happy when our sweet guide picked us up shortly after midnight since there was something creepy about the small Pushkar streets at night.

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  1. A Bollywood disco really sounds like something to try! So cool! Did you belly dance?

  2. Fantastico!

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