Reunion with old school friends in Stockholm

IMG_7513 small

This weekend I went to Stockholm where an old friend of mine is living since many years. Another friend travelled up from Kalmar, our common birth town.

It was a short but very nice weekend. Most of the time were spent eating and talking old memories, but we also had time to pay a visit to the wonderful museum “Fotografiska” which is a photography museum. At the moment there was an exhibit from a photographer named Ruud van Empel, among others. I was absolutely delighted by his work.

After looking around we sat down in the cafe of the museum which had amazing views over an area called “Djurgården” and the amusement park “Gröna lund”.  Full of new energy we then walked all the way back to my friends nice apartment in Vasastaden, passing through the Old Town and some nice streets on the way.

Just wanted to share a few images from this little get together 🙂

IMG_7529 small

IMG_7541 small

IMG_7575 small

IMG_7589 small

IMG_7644 small

IMG_7646 small

IMG_7601 small

IMG_7603 small

IMG_7608 small

IMG_7623 small

IMG_7635 small

IMG_7629 small

IMG_7660 small

IMG_7663 small

IMG_7676 small

IMG_7679 small

IMG_7695 small

IMG_7696 small

IMG_7699 small

IMG_7703 small

IMG_7713 small

IMG_7716 small


About Jenny Trozell

Swedish girl with a passion for travelling, Latin dance and meeting new interesting and fun people :-)

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  1. Thank you Jenny, it was a pleasure having you here!

  2. Do love Scandinavia – need to visit Sweden more often!

  3. Beautiful city- your photos are good!

  4. Looks like it’s still pretty cold up there.

  5. I would love to visit Stockholm one day – it’s so close to London! Looks like a lovely day out – what’s in that roll next to the raspberries on that plate, may I ask? Looks so good!

  6. It is called “rulltårta” which translated means “rollcake”. There are many great cakes to be discovered for you in Sweden 😉

  7. I also wanna o to Stockholm:) I remember when I lived in Gbg and everybody told me how awful Stockholm and its inhabitants were, but then I went to see for myself and absolutely loved it:)

    • Jenny Trozell

      Hihi, I have to admit I have had that view too but they are not so bad 😉 But still I feel more home in Göteborg.

  8. Glad to see you had a good time here in Stockholm. The café at Fotografiska is probably the best museum café in town! And what a view!

  9. This is good, helps me a lot, thanks.

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