A visit to the Khuri desert

IMG_2417 small

Next up after a brief stop in Bikaner was a visit to the the Khuri desert. Many people takes a longer tour on the camel back into the desert. We spent one nigh in a well organized camp with camel ride in the sunset and entertainment around a bonfire at night. And as the nights are really cold in the desert we where rather happy with the lenght of this tourist friendly activity. After a silent and pieceful night we where able to take a morning walk through the small village next to the camp. That felt like a real authentic experience and even though short it was memorable.

Note the camel and sunset in my sunglasses in above picture. Louise is good in finding those small funny details and this was one of her favourite shot although her secret wish was that it would have been her behind the glasses 😉

IMG_2220 small

IMG_2224 small

IMG_2245 small

IMG_2253 small

IMG_2262 small

IMG_2271 small

IMG_2281 small

IMG_2308 small

IMG_2361 small

IMG_2369 small

IMG_2382 small

IMG_2389 small

IMG_2410 small

IMG_2418 small

IMG_2522 small

IMG_2525 small

IMG_2527 small

IMG_2528 small

IMG_2529 small

IMG_2530 small

IMG_2532 small

IMG_2534 small

IMG_2544 small

IMG_2548 small


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  1. Thank you 🙂

  2. I like your pictures, beautiful!

  3. Tack 🙂

  4. really very beautiful your pictures,

  5. Thank you for sharing this very nice Images…. keep me updated gallery…..

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