Half a day New Delhi & the adventures could start…

Upon arrival in New Delhi Louise & me were brought to our hotel for a small nap since it was very early in the morning. At noon Ishrar and Tanzeem (from Diana Tours & Travel mentioned in my last post) picked us up for some Delhi sightseeing. We covered the area around the parade street Rajpath including the residence of the president and the governmental area, and after that a small visit to the Gandhi museum. But what became the highlight of our first day was the visit of the Humayuns Tomb. This beautiful tomb was interesting in it self but what was even more exiting was to try the feeling of being a mega star. Everywhere we went, school kids and Indian families wanted to have their pictures taken with us. Now, this has happened on travels before but not in this scale. Afterwards we know that this was something we would have to get used too for the next following two weeks 😉 After this first day of excitement dinner at family Khans house followed. The day after that we hit the road for Rajasthan…

IMG_1929 small

IMG_1902 small

IMG_1899 small

IMG_1907 small

IMG_1908 small

IMG_1932 small

IMG_1934 small

IMG_1939 small

IMG_1940 small

IMG_1969 small

IMG_1979 small

IMG_1996 smaller

Delhi (50) small

IMG_1954 small

Delhi (55) small

IMG_2028 small

IMG_2030 small

IMG_2032 small

We had tailormade our tour which looked like this: Delhi-Bikaner-Khuri desert-Jaisalmer-Jodhpur-Ranakpur-Udaipur-Pushkar-Jaipur-Agra-Delhi. As you might have guessed this involved rather much time in the car whereof the first day was the absolutely longest with about 12 hours driving. The further we drove the more the landscape turned into desert, and as camels and other creatures passed by in wild it felt truly exotic.

IMG_2167 small

IMG_2109 small

IMG_2112 small

IMG_2178 small

We only stopped for lunch and for some sightseeing in the town Mandawa, known for its many havelis. Haveli means “private mansion” and can be found in many cities in Rajasthan. Rajasthan used to be a place with lots of maharajas (kings) and rich merchant families. The maharajas lived in huge palaces that are found throughout Rajasthan and that serves as museums today. The rich merchants lived in havelis.

The havelis are recongnized for the extraordninary architecture and many fresco paintings all over the buildings. Nowadays many havelis stands empty although privately owned. Some have turned into spectacular hotels. We were lucky to be able to enter one of the havelis in Mandawa.

IMG_2059 small

IMG_2052 small

IMG_2065 small

IMG_2062 small

IMG_2046 small

IMG_2070 small

IMG_2073 small

IMG_2075 small

IMG_2071 small

IMG_2083 small

Most hotels in Rajasthan looks like small havelis or palaces. Our night in Bikaner was spent in hotel Sagar and being there in fact made us feel a bit royal 😉

IMG_2130 small

IMG_2138 small


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  1. … and great photos 🙂

  2. Great photos! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I was in Delhi last year, and yes reading your post, remind me how good my stay was, but also how Delhi is fascinating ….a pure paradise for photographer 🙂

    • Hello John, to be honest with you – Delhi is not really my taste even if there are beautiful and peaceful places to be found. But I can imagine that as a photographer it is intriguing… 🙂 Half a day was enough for me. Have you been to Rajasthan?

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