A summary of Rajasthan & Goa

Me and my friend Louise are just back from an absolutely amazing holiday in India! I have brought back so much material that it is going to take rather some time to compile and structure it all. But below follows a serie of pictures that for me summarizes our four magic weeks in India. This is for sure a trip that is growing in my mind for each day that passes by. Wonderful India, I miss you!

IMG_2397 small

The two first weeks were spent in Rajasthan, “the land of kings”. We were taken care of by the superb small travel agency called Diana Tours & Travel. I heard about this company about 1 1/2 year ago through an ex colleauge who had used them to tailor make their tour through Rajasthan.

From the first moment I got in touch with them I felt I was in the right hands. They were so helpful and cheerful that upon arrival it felt like I already knew them. Ishrar and Harriethe (an Indian/Dutch couple) treated us as friends and invited us to have dinner in their home both on the first and last evening of the tour.

Ishrar and Harriethes business is going better and better. Mouth to mouth the reputation about their excellent service is spreading. Before Ishrar used to do all the tours himself (Harriether is the administrator) but since it is going so well and he had some Italian guests arriving at the same time, he had arranged his brothers son Tanzeem as a guide for us. Tanzeem had been following his uncle on many tours around Rajasthan but since it was his first tour alone they also arranged an extra driver called Raja.

Together the four of us, Tanzeem, Raja, Louise and me, spend many cheerful hours on the road. And many moments viewing the extraordinary landscapes, forts, temples and colorful surroundings of this part of India. It was a very safe and fun trip which has given us so many new beautiful memories.

After those two weeks we headed down to Goa to finish of with 9 days sun and sea. After so many new impressions in Rajasthan it was the perfect way to end this vacation.

Enjoy below glimpse and hope to see you back for more 🙂

Below, the golden city Jaisalmer

IMG_2370 small IMG_3053 smallIMG_2807 smallIMG_2571 smallIMG_2999 small

On the road…

IMG_2169 small

Below, the blue city Jodhpur

IMG_3205 smallIMG_3218 smallIMG_3276 smallIMG_3568 small IMG_3507 smallIMG_3662 small

Below, Ranakpur & Kumbalgarh. First image; our driver Raja and second image; our guide Tanzeem

IMG_4048 smallIMG_3938 smallIMG_3956IMG_4153 smallIMG_4186 small

Below, the romantic lake city Udaipur

IMG_4246 smallIMG_4583 smallIMG_4395 smallIMG_4414 smallIMG_4507 smallIMG_4804 smallIMG_4996 small

Below, the holy town Pushkar

IMG_5105 smallIMG_5385 smallIMG_5230 small

Below, the pink city Jaipur

IMG_5591 smallIMG_5584 smallIMG_5665 small

Below, Taj Mahal Agra, Uttar Pradesh

IMG_5851 small

Below, Agonda beach Goa

IMG_6050IMG_6479 smallIMG_6616 smallIMG_0364 smallIMG_6333 small


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Swedish girl with a passion for travelling, Latin dance and meeting new interesting and fun people :-)

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  1. good information…. and also nice photos 🙂

  2. My French Heaven

    Stunning pictures as always!! Thanks for sharing all this. DREAMY!!

  3. Monica Brändström

    Wonderful pictures! You are really a professional photographer! Have to go there some day. Take care. /Monica

  4. Hey, I love reading your blog and have nominated you for the Blog of the Year 2012 award… Check out this link for more info…http://getsetandgo.wordpress.com/2013/01/23/my-blogging-journey-completes-1-year/

    Congratulations and enjoy 🙂

  5. Wonderful photos! You sure know how to beat the Swedish winter blues 🙂
    By the way, I will be in GTG for a couple of days in February (11-13) and that reminded me that I should buy my tickets for WoW! Hope to see you again at some point in 2013.

    • I would be glad to catch up again 🙂 Let me know what suits you best once it is getting closer. And thank´s visiting again. I see you have not been so active lately. Cheers!

  6. Oh my beautiful!!! *-* love your blog, love your pictures, it is all so wonderful! You’re so lucky that you get to travel and visit all these places!! I wish!! ^^ Keep writing, it is really nice to see your travelings! 🙂

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