A perfect day in Miyajima

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“Don´t miss Miyajima if you go to Hiroshima” said a friend of mine and I am very glad I did not.

Miyajima is an island close to Hiroshima, perfect for a day trip. This island is mostly known for the “floating” Torii (seen on the picture above), which is ranked one of the nicest views of Japan. In the morning it is surrounded by water but as the day passes by the water get lower and lower until the low tide allows to walk out all the way to the torii. High and low tide are beautiful in different ways. I stayed full day on this enchanting island and experienced both views. Exept for nice views I also experiences lots of school kids, deers (they walk around freely on the whole island and are very cute and intrusive) and the best food ever eaten in Japan (speciality on the islands are oysters and conger eel). As you understand, this was a perfect day…

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All around the island temples lies scattered, surrounded by lovely greenery. Try to imagine if it would have been one month later…then the trees would have been coloured in the most amazing autumn colors one can experience. I was lucky to witness this on a trip to Japan three years ago…you will see in coming posts 😀

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It was a rather hot day in Miyajima. Japanese people must be the best role models when it comes to protection against the sun. Totally opposite to the sometimes (sorry countrymen) very naive Swedes that still have not realize the danger of the sun.

As I walked around a group of sweet kids approached me. All at the same time they asked me where I was from, my name, my city etc. I was asked to put my sticker on Sweden in a map they had brought along and sign the same book. Those school kids had as a task to approach foreigners this day to practise their English. And I was ofcourse happy to help 🙂

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Oysters! They are absolutely amazing in Miyajima. There is even an oyster festival held every year in February in honor to this delicacy. I managed to try them both grilled and fresh. Yum!

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The tame deers in Miyajima are around 500 in numbers and I have read somewhere that they are believed to have lived on this island for thousand of years. They are very cute but can be a bit pushy if they sense something eatable in your bag.

IMG_0125 smallIMG_0135 smallIMG_0138 small

I think I must have picked one of the better places to eat because the oysters and eel meal I had was absolutely amazing. The restaurant was called Yakigaki-No-Hayashi, don´t miss if you ever go here! After my nice meal I bought a sweetpotato icecream from one of the street vendors. In Japan ice creams have flavours which many people from west might find odd but in fact tastes like sweetpotato or green tea in ice cream is much better than it sounds 😉 After this terrific meal which had left nothing but a big smile and a happy belly it was nice to sit down and have my feets “done” by Mr Fish.

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As the tide got lower, seaweed became visible around the shores. People and deers made their way down to play. And the a whole bunch of people arrived that started to collect the seaweed. I am still not sure whether this is for eating or just to clean up but it was sure an interesting sight.

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Miyajima is one of those places you just don´t want to leave. I had no time to walk around the whole island and I really wish I would have had more time. But all nice things have an end and so did this day. Walking towards the ferry I spotted this funny deer that had occupied the entrance to a restaurnat. People where lined up to have their pictures taken with him, not difficult to understand. He was very elegant and confident.

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  1. This place is really nice! I’d love to visit it sometime 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on ibelivetoday and commented:
    Awesome photo post- felt as if I’ve just been here 🙂 Thanks so much ..

    Happy Blogging

  3. What a glorious day and a fabulous island!

  4. Thank you Jenny !
    very useful information and great pictures:)

  5. Nice that you like my Miyajima post 🙂

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