Up next, a reunion with Japan & India

I have not been so active with blogging lately. It just has not tempted me to sit infront of the computer in my spare time. However, once I finish a post I allways feel really happy so it is just about finding the time…

I know I promised more Poland and that will come 🙂 I just felt like doing a small update on what´s up next for me when it comes to traveling. Around the corner are two reunions with two of the most amazing countries I have ever visited, Japan & India.

One of the most rewarding experiences with travelling is the sometimes overwhelming input of new impressions, to have to familiar oneself with the unknown which in turn teaches something about oneself at the same time. Talking about impressions my holiday in Japan three years ago is one of the most unique and amazing experiences I have had. The presentation of food is a big impression every time. A true delight for both belly and eye.

The picture above is of my Japanese breakfast in lovely Ryokan Shimaya,  close to the snowmonkeys in Yudanaka. The first picture below is in a Ryokan in Kinosaki onsentown. I was for the first time presented with a Kaiseki meal after I have traditionally taken a bath in the hotels own onsen (hot spring) and dressed into a Yukata. After this followed a onsen hopping evening among all the local bathhouses in Kinosaki. But that is another story. On the last picture is a bento box. A typical food option for a train journey. So beautiful and delicious.

In a few weeks I will start a blog journey about Japan. Tokyo, Yudanaka, Takayama, Kyoto, Nara and Kinosaki, all visited 2009. This time I will visit Tokyo, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Kurokawa onsen town, Yufuin and the hotspring mecca Beppu. As you might have understood by now I am passionate about soaking in hot springs.

In December I will travel back to India where I was 2006 last time. Me and my travel friend Louise, who frequently has been mentioned in this blog, will do a tour through Rajasthan followed by 9 days beach pampering in Goa 😀 I look forward to lot´s of colours, great spicy food, magical impressions and lazy beach days.

One of my highlights on all my trips is the encounter with animals. Animals brings out the mother love in me. Below in Kerala, India, with the cutest goat ever.


About Jenny Trozell

Swedish girl with a passion for travelling, Latin dance and meeting new interesting and fun people :-)

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  1. Visit north India as well. The mighty Himalayas are a sight not to be missed when in India. 🙂

  2. Lovely shots. Japanese food is best, I think. 🙂

  3. Looking forward to reading about ur trip to India. 🙂 im also going to rajastan soon (march) but on an arranged tour.

    • Well, our Rajasthan tour is sort of arranged too. It is a small Indian/Dutch family company that offers tailour made tours. So basically me and my friend will have a private chauffeur and guide for 15 days 😀

      • Sounds great! So no other travellers in the “group”? Is there a set plan or can you choose yourselves where you want the guide to take you?
        We are going with a vegetarian tour company called VegVoyages: http://www.vegvoyages.com/ so I am really looking forward to all the yummy food. 🙂

  4. Åh va gott det ser ut! Kanske man skule försöka sig på en sån frukost till helgen:-)

    • Ja det hade varit något det 😉 Den frukosten var faktiskt bland det godaste jag åt på hela den resan….

  5. Yes, that is the cutest little goat ever!
    I, too, am looking forward to hearing about your trip to India (and seeing photos). I’d love to have the name of your Indian/Dutch family tour company, as we’d like to do that tailor-made tour, too.

  6. So many beautiful pictures you show us. I don´t know whom of You and the goat are the sweetest,

  7. so exciting! welcome back to Japan 🙂

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