Gdansk + my favourite in Tarnowskie Gory

This year I spent holiday doing a little tour including train, bus and boat travel but no air travel. I started of in Göteborg, my hometown. Together with my boyfriend I travelled first to Kalmar where I am borned and have my family. After some nice days there, including the wedding of an old good friend of mine, we took the bus to the southern city Karlskrona. From there a boat departs to Poland. The journey is approximately 12 hours. Those boats are famous for being a 24 hr party cruise and unfortunately it was hard to get any sleep even if I wanted 😦 After north Poland we visited south and then train to Berlin and Copenhagen and back to Göteborg. All those places are covered in previous posts…

A bit tired we arrived in Gdynia in the morning. Gdynia is one of the so called “3 cities” on the Baltic coast of Poland. You can read more about that in my previous post. We spent two nights in Gdansk whereof one afternoon I spent in Sopot (one of the 3 cities) and Robert went to visit a famous castle in Malbork.

Gdansk is a 1000 year old medieval Hansa city, what surprised me the most is that the houses looks very much like Amsterdam. I still haven´t been able to find out the connection but the similarities are striking. Some people seem to call Gdanks for “little Amsterdam”.

Gdanks is very touristic but pleasant. Since Robert is from Poland he knows his way around and instead of eating in comparable “expensive” places we ate cheap and very well prepared Polish food in the local so called “Milkbar”, read more about this phenomen here. In the Milkbar a traditional sturdy Polish meal with soup + main course will cost you only about 3 Euros.

Another things that the Baltic region in Poland is famous for is their spa treatment. I took one of the best massages in Gdansk that I have ever experienced. It cost 1/3 of Sweden. So if you like to visit a very beautiful, historical city where you can eat, drink and get spa treatments for an extremely affordable price – Gdanks is your best bet!

Most of Roberts family lives in the small sleepy village Krupski Młyn in southern Poland. Close to this village you find a city called Tarnowskie Gory where we have a little oasis that we allways visit that serves excellent filled Polish pancakes. Here are some images from that 🙂 More Poland will follow!


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  1. The food looks awesome, and now I know to go to a Milkbar when I finally get to Poland. Yes, the houses really do look like Amsterdam. Also Copenhagen and Brugge. I heard that Amsterdam houses were built narrow and tall because they were taxed on their width.

  2. Yes, the Milkbars make good food! It is just such a funny name of a restaurant 😉

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