Beachlife in green, hip and relaxed Sopot

Back to Poland again! Still 2012 🙂 This year we took the boat from Sweden to Gdynia in July. Gdynia, Gdansk and the little beachtown Sopot are sometimes called “3 cities” because it is three cities very close by eachother. But three very different places. Gdynia is the more modern city where the boat hub is located whereas Gdansk is an old medieval city with rich history. Inbetween those two cities you find the town Sopot which is completely different. That is one of the most popular beach resorts along the baltic coast in Poland. It is a very touristic, yet a chilled place. The nightlife is supposed to be very good as well with a few clubs located along the beach stretch. The town center is more or less one pedestrian road with lot´s of eateries, small shops and bars.

The beach itself is a long soft sand beach. Some parts of it is really crowded but the further away you walk from the town center the more space you will find. A nice green stretch runs along the beach, nice for walking or biking. In fact whole Sopot is very green and it is nice to take a detour from the main pedestrian street and walk past nice residences in the shade of the trees. On the beach the beer tents are visible here and there and are a great place for refreshing your self, with a Polish quality beer, on a hot day. I stayed in Sopot a few years ago but this time the base was Gdansk and Sopot just a day trip.


About Jenny Trozell

Swedish girl with a passion for travelling, Latin dance and meeting new interesting and fun people :-)

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  1. fashioncircle001

    That house is so funny!

  2. Va kul! Där har jag också varit då min bror bodde i Sopot 2010 tror jag det var:-) Kram!

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