Combining sad holocaust history with joyful Krakow

To start with I would like to mention that the next couple of posts from me will be Poland focused. My boyfriend is original from south of Poland and therefore I have been there a couple of times. In this specific post I will present joy and grief. I will start with joy which is the city of Krakow 🙂 This summer it was my second visit there and it just really is a great place! The thing with Krakow is that it is cozy, grand, bohemian, stylish, busy, quiet, modern and old, yes all at once! It is a place to fall in love with and it definitely need a place on my highlight list. Just have to think where to put it.  And moreover, it is still almost half price from Sweden which make it a good spot for splurging.

One of my favourite areas in Krakow is the Jewish area Kazimierz. There we spent rather some time walking around. The area has many cosy cafees and shops. It also has an old Jewish graveyard which is a bit ghost alike. Men must have something on their heads as they walk around.

The main square in Krakow is the largest medieval town square in Europe and it is magical to walk around there at night.  There is also a castle in the city called Wawel. Some nice rooftop bars around this area makes a nice place to have a drink and watch the sunset over the castle. And ofcourse there is much more to explore in Krakow…so long

This time I took the chance to go and visit Auschwitz. I decided for a three hour guided tour where we first walked around in Auschwitz maincamp but also went to nearby Birkenau. I am very glad I did this tour because I learnt a lot more about this terrible part of history than I knew before. The first thing I learnt is that Auschwitz was just one part of a whole area of concentration camps. Birkenau was 30 times bigger! Emotionally it is ofcourse very heavy to visit old gas chamers and other unpleasant parts, but for me it is important to take part of things like this too when you travel. I have chosen to share some of the pictures from this day. I encourage you all to visit once.


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  1. From anne Frank to the movie Freedom Writers, ever since I have heard of this mournful time in our history I have always wondered how such atrocities could have happened in the world

  2. I recently went to Krakow and your title is the perfect synopsis to Krakow. Great city with lots of history. Visiting Auschwitz was the highlight of my trip. It was emotionally draining and I did have nightmares for the next two days, but it was worth it. I’m so glad that I did it. I tell everybody that they should go. It’s important to remember those who have passed before us.

  3. i am amazed at your photos of the graveyards being overgrown and the peaceful city images—all this history not only effects those of the Jewish faith but that of all mankind—history does not repeat itself—man does

  4. Thank you, in fact I really enjoyed the cemetery. It was so calm and green and the fact that it was so “wild” belongs to the history…

  5. I’ve been to Dachau…images still linger in my saddened heart….

  6. weedimageoftheday

    Thank you for presenting the varied sides and images of this area. I cannot help by cry when I see the photos from Auschwitz. That evil dark part of humankind’s history is too important to take lightly.

    • I am glad you like my images, even if the once from Auswitch are very sad. Visiting this place was in some ways very unrealistic but at the same time so real. It is hard to describe and it is very frightening….and very important.

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