A relaxing package tour to beautiful Croatia

In June 2010 I took a package tour with my friend Louise to Croatia. We spent a week in a simple but gorgeous hotel called Villas Plat. Both the small and peaceful pebble stone beach a short walk away and the stunning infinity pool was to die for. This was the optimal relaxation place. That this hotel is not a very child friendly place was a positve surprise. Just me, Louise and some retired. And a few love couples. Peace for the soul.

Plat Villas is just a short bus ride away from magical Dubrovnik. And also close to the picturesque village Cavtat. I had been to Croatia before (island hopping, will be a later post) so Dubrovnik was actually the second time for me. And I hope there will come a third visit because Croatia is one of my absolute favourites in Europe. A small minus, you will not have your most culinary experiences in this country, but there is allways Karlovačko 😉

Dubrovnik’s old town is touristic but beautiful, a walk on the wall is a must.

An afternoon and evening in Cavtat

On our last day the dramatic weather gave us a last photo opportunity for our favourite object, the pool 😀 Including the author in a pose on the last picture 😉


About Jenny Trozell

Swedish girl with a passion for travelling, Latin dance and meeting new interesting and fun people :-)

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  1. That pool is insane! And I love the red rooftops!

    • Jenny Trozell

      Thank you Marina, I feel relaxed just by looking at my pictures and remembering how it felt IRL 😉

  2. LOVELY! I so love the sunset and the beach 🙂

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