30 hours in Oslo

I had been twice to Australia but never to my neigbour country Norway. When SAS informed me I had some frequent flyer points about to expire I got the idea to use them for a hotel night in Oslo. After all, it is just a few hours bus ride to Norways capital from Göteborg where I live. So off we went, me and my boyfriend Robert, on a chilly autumn day in October 2010. All I can say is that Oslo surprised me by its friendliness, by its modern grand opera house and by the arty, bohemian feel and great cafees. I am sure I didn´t manage to see it all in so little time but I felt I got a feeling of Oslo that appealed to me. I would love to discover more of my pretty neigbour country but that will have to wait. It is so close by that I can do it anytime 🙂



About Jenny Trozell

Swedish girl with a passion for travelling, Latin dance and meeting new interesting and fun people :-)

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  1. nice clicks…

  2. Lovely tour of Oslo, Jenny. I’m running a travel-themed photo challenge, would love you to join in if you’re interested. xxx Ailsa http://wheresmybackpack.com/2012/05/18/summer/

    • Jenny Trozell

      Thank you for those kind words Ailsa 🙂 How can I join your photo challenge?

      • Well, this week’s theme is summer, so just write your own post about what summer means to you, call it ‘Travel Theme: Summer’ and put a link to the challenge page in your post – the link is:


        Just say something like – this is for the weekly travel photo challenge which is here (insert link)

        That way, your post will show up in the comments stream so other people in the challenge will be able to find your post. You can check out their posts too by looking at the comments stream of the challenge page.

        I’m looking forward to seeing your entry! xxx Ailsa

      • Jenny Trozell

        Ah, then I understand 🙂 What a nice idea! If I find the time I will join in, otherwise I might just check out for your next challenge 😉

      • Great, looking forward to seeing your work! xxx Ailsa

  3. I was fortunate enough to visit Oslo. Your photo essay is lovely.

  4. Jenny – that Opera House is very cool! Pretty futuristic for an old city – I like it! Thanks for showing me Oslo – I didn’t know too much about it but it would be wonderful to visit, judging by your post.

  5. I´m excited…..going again to Oslo tomorrow 🙂

  6. Jenny Trozell

    Ah, have a good trip 🙂

  7. Visst är det väl ofta så! Man är noga med att se så mycket som möjligt långt borta, men missar det som är nära… Jag har varit i Norge vid några tillfällen, men inte i Oslo dock.

  8. extremely beneficial stuff, all in all I picture this is worthy of a book mark, thanks

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