Discovering Maya secrets in Tikal

Tikal is magic! It was once one of the biggest Maya cities but is since approximately 1000 years back abandoned and overgrown by jungle. Of the around 3000 temples in the area some have been uncovered but many are still just “green hills” deep in the jungle. We arrived early in the morning at dawn and were completely enchanted from the first moment. The best time was before the sun rose and at sunset. We discovered that this is the time when the animals in the jungle are most present. Imagine walking through dense jungle, listening to hundreds of different birds singing and monkeys roaring in the far distance. This is a very strong memory that will last forever!

We walked and walked and in twelve hours we just sat down 45 minutes to eat. Some of the big temples can actually be climbed. The highest one has a staircase attached to help you up (this one I managed) but a few really tall temples just has a steep kind of ladder thing next to it. I tried to climb one but I got so scared that I had to go down again. It is nothing for those that have a fear for heights. But my friend Louis was brave and managed all the way up a few scary once.

The area of Tikal is huge and afterwards we did regret not staying one night in one of the camping sites just outside the park. That would have given us more time and more dawn strolls. But anyhow we were very satisfied with this day that gave us memories to live from for a long long time.


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  1. How awesome – that you can climb up the temples. Though does it damage their exterior? You’ve got quite a few shots of cool looking, cartoonish trees. Another great adventure!

    • Thank you Marina, it sure was an adventure! You can only climb a few, and very seldom on the pyramid itself but on a ladder next to it. If it is damaging to much they close it down for climbing. This is the case for most of them.

  2. Spectacular, and well worth the walk I imagine, and to be able to enjoy it in peace and quiet.

    • Thank you, it was amazing. B.t.w. I thought I was subscribing to your blog and noticed today I wasn´t so now I have a lot to catch up, I looked at some of your Vietnam pictures today. Beautiful!

  3. Thank you for sharing with us such a beautiful place (:
    Very nice pictures 😀

  4. I doubt I’ll ever get there…thank you for sharing your beautiful photos. 🙂

  5. Wow! So much light. And so green! I suspect you are not missing the Swedish winter right now 😉
    That must have been a very nice day!

    • I am still in the past 😉 So actually I am experiencing the grey and stormy Swedish winter right now. But 4 February I am off again! And yes, it was an extraordinary day 🙂

  6. Such incredible pictures! you really captured the beauty and history of this place 🙂

  7. Thank you very much 🙂 Enchanting place!!

  8. great photos Jenny, like them!

  9. Thank you 🙂

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