Yachting and ghost-town visit in Fethiye

After Kas I decided to take a stop in Fethiye which is a middle sized city with a big harbor, best known as a hub for the famous sailing tours that departs from here and for paragliding. I however was very keen to see the abandoned ghost town Kayaköy. Kayaköy lies a bit outside the city, in the countryside, but can easily be reached by minibus (dolmus). The best way is to go there late in the afternoon to avoid the heat and get great pictures. I absolutely loved this magic place. It was so quiet and even if it was high season not many people were around. Before 1923 this was the home to 4000 Greeks that had to move after the Turkish War of independence.

You just cannot go to Fethiye without going out on a sailing tour to discover the astonishing coastline around this area. Many people jump on a one week long tour from here but there is enough other options. I went out on a one day tour starting from the famous beach Öludeniz. It was an absolutely magnificent day, although be prepared to take medication against seasickness. The boat stopped at different beaches in the area but also made stops out at sea. Plenty of opportunities to swim and relax and to make new acquaintances.



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  1. That water is soooo blue! That’s my kind of paradise…

  2. um i want to go here now!! this looks amazing!!

    • Turkey is so interesting and so beautiful, you should go! Feel free to ask for advice 🙂 Btw, I was in Guatemala in February this year, that is an amazing country! Like your blog!

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    • As long as you refer to the source, be welcome.Though I don´t see how it fits in to your toe theme 😉 Your blog is hilarious, I will send you my “toecontribution” within short!

  4. Härliga bilder! Jag vill förresten tipsa dig om att lägga till din blogg på http://www.bloglovin.se. Jag och många andra som brukar läsa bloggar har mycket lättare att följa bloggen då!

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