A sence of the moon in Cappadocia

IMG_8291 small

Last summer I did not only visit Istanbul but I did a little round tour in Turkey. My first stop after Istanbul was to the amazing area Cappadocia, located in the middle of Turkey. I went there to see the extraordinary landscapes formed millions of years ago by volcanic eruptions. The area has a rich history and besides watching the landscapes people without claustrophobia can also visit the many underground cities, once inhabited by Christians wanting to hide from Arabs and Persians. The biggest underground city in Cappadocia held 10000 people. Anyhow, since I have claustrophobia myself I was very happy to enjoy the views above ground. I stayed in the small city of Göreme and spent time visiting different natural wonders in the area. Most hotels are actually in the caves as well, a very funny sight as you stroll the town. I hope you enjoy the tour 🙂

IMG_8229 small

IMG_8263 small

IMG_8265 small

IMG_8267 small

IMG_8278 small

IMG_8281 small

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IMG_8317 small

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The only thing I did not appreciate with Cappadocia is that I had my first every bedbug encounter. Something I did not realize until I was already gone. A terrible experience that gave me nightmare for a few month after coming home again. But that is a different story.

Below dinner with a nice Aussie girl I met on a tour and my bed bug hotel 😉

IMG_8498 small

IMG_8505 small

IMG_8675 small

IMG_8678 small

IMG_8217 small 2


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  1. I have been to Turkey too, but in Cappadocia (
    Every time I read posts about Cappadocia, I just become more curious to go there.
    Remarkable photo!

  2. Thank you 🙂 It sure was a remarkable place. Turkey has so much beauty to offer!

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